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Vegas charter flights with Talon Air offer travel with style and luxury. Request a quote for a charter flight to or from Las Vegas Nevada today. Vegas Air Charter Flights - Enjoy the choice of jet, luxury cabins and exceptional customer service. Check out flights to Las Vegas with Allegiant Air, Spirit Airlines, Frontier and more. CFG will charter a private jet to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vegas Charter Jet Charter

Take a direct flight to Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the globe, and avoid flight schedules, delay and congested terminal traffic. Privatjets to or from Las Vegas can be served via McCarran International Airport, North Las Vegas Airport or Henderson Executive Airport. MacCarran (LAS, KLAS) - is located 5 leagues southern of the center of Las Vegas and occupies the sixth place in the number of flight motions in the word.

McCarran also has more than 1,300 slots in its terminal, own and operate by Michael Gaughan Slots. There are two FBOs (Fixed Bases Operators) at the airports, which cover general aviation requirements outside the central hall: signedature Flight Support und Atlantic aviation. The North Las Vegas International Terminal (VGT, KVGT) is located less than 6 nautical miles North West of Las Vegas city center and is the second best subway terminal.

The Henderson Executive Airport (HND, KHND) - is 13 leagues southern of the Las Vegas downtown commercial area and also acts as its own FBO. What does it take to charter a plane to or from Las Vegas? Costs for chartering a personal plane can vary greatly depending on the flying season and plane used.

For example, a privately chartered plane from Los Angeles to Las Vegas costs $2,500 or more in a turboprop. Below are some of the suggested retail charter rates for Las Vegas charter flights that we would like to provide our customers: The above rates are indicative only; the rates for a particular journey differ and cannot be guarantee for a particular airline.

Following hours rate represents a bandwidth of fares for most aircrafts within each main group. The precise fares for certain aeroplanes within each cabin are different: Notice that these per hour Rates are airfare only and do not cover tax, crews, airports and other related costs. The stock may fluctuate by the days, but here is a general listing of planes available for Las Vegas personal jets rental:

king air 200 - Ideal for charter flights from Burbank to Las Vegas, with room for 7-8 people. Superb Supermid that can perform non-stop charter flights from NYC to Vegas. The Challenger 350 - Stunning cab interior experiences, progressive technologies throughout the entire airplane. The Challenger 601 - Spacious cab, ideal for 10-12 passenger Vegas flights.

See here all our planes available for charter. Do you have regular charter flights to or from Las Vegas and Los Angeles? FAA does not allow Part 135 (On-Demand) charter carriers to perform recurrent flights between two points. Please specify the airplane model I should use for my Las Vegas charter.

Your charter should be based on the distances you fly, the number of people travelling, the amount of luggage you bring, your personal budgets and your preferred travel arrangements. In the following chart the mean range (in legal air miles and air hours) for all important airplane models as well as their mean luggage compartment feet are shown:

Notice that the above figures are average figures for a number of aircrafts; certain range and luggage compartments may be outside these estimations in certain cases. Are you offering single places or a shared-flight to Las Vegas? Although we do not have a joint programme of flights, we are willing to provide joint flights between the airlines if both are possible.

Are your Las Vegas personal jet catered for? The majority of planes will contain regular refreshments (soft drink, beer/wine, sweets, walnuts, etc.), but specific orders or individual wishes may lead to an extra surcharge. When you' re looking for a reason to go out, Las Vegas has an incredible array of shows, gigs, shows and entertainments to tempt you.

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