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Getting a cheap airfare, according to a man who fixes American Airlines - Quartz fares. Obtaining a cheap airfare has become an arts form, using web sites that forecast peaks in the prices to date, and providing theory that are plentiful about when exactly the right amount of buying your ticket will be the best way to buy it now. However, all this strategy conceals the easier reality that has just been unveiled by an inside man of the airline: According to Tim Lyon, American Airlines Executive Vice President of Sales at American Airlines, the lowest rates apply on lower travel dates.

Midweek flight, holiday avoidance and low season travel have more impact on ticket price reduction than trying to determine exactly how far in advance your booking will be. Whilst this treat - which he uncovered in an interviewer with Bloomberg - is by no means a new epiphany, it is rarely such immediate guidance from an air traffic warden.

Lyon explained to Bloomberg that the main criterion for fixing fares was passenger travelers' demands for a particular itinerary. Airlines' timetables (also known as offers) are determined on the basis of longer-term forecasts made month in and month in advance, which does not make them very agile and leads to fairly low costs in the shorter run.

However, ticketing rates can be modified several days a week, which allows an air carrier to react to the need for a particular trip or a particular air service by lowering fares to fill vacant places. "In the end, the seat will fly," Lyon said to Bloomberg. It is the airline's policy to'achieve the highest turnover from the aircraft, irrespective of the costs of running a route'.

This Council contradicts what many on-line tourist agencies have been promoting in recent years. Pages such as Kayak, Skyscanner and CheapAir have opted to buy a certain number of day or week in advanced booking. Obviously, the pre-trip period is a determining influence on the price of fares (especially in the last two weeks), but Lyon's commentaries point out why this is too simple and often flawed.

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