Lanka is a corpus sniper rifle that can be unlocked by Energy Lab Research in the Dojo. French patisserie & Ceylon tea. The name Lanka is given in Hindu epics of the island fortress capital of the legendary Asura king Ravana in the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.


Lanka is firing a high-speed bullet by means of magneticalduction. Lanka is a corpus sharpshooter gun that can be unlocked by Energy Lab Research in the Dojo. Uses a loaded gunner who causes enhanced casualty by pressing and releasing the weapons assault key for 1 second. While a fully loaded bullet has stunning damages, enhanced by the weapon's high crucial odds of zooming in, it is slowly and slightly inconsistent due to its rechargeable mechanics and bullet life.

That gun's causing electrical shock. Maximum basic loss of all sharpshooter guns with full load. Congenital current loss - effectively against robot and machine foes. A very high crucial odds. A very high odds of getting a statue. Biggest magazinesize of all sharpshooter guns. Zoom adds +20%, +30% or +50% to the total amount of your crit chances (the bonuses do not pile up additive with Point Strike modes, but additive after them).

The full zoom and the equipment with a maximum point strike allows the Lanka to criticize oranges. Long range firing commando resets times of all sharpshooter guns. May use the Lanka-exclusive Model Evolution Series. Unloaded bullets are bound with Snipetron Vandal to cause the second poorest basic casualty of all sharpshooter guns behind Snipetron and Rubico.

Congenital electrical shock - less efficient against alloy armor. Straight line casualties from 100% to 50% from 400m to 600m targeting range (distances affected by projectile velocity). Pretty sluggish loading rate of 1 second. Bullets have a long journey duration, which hinders their long-term use. Pulling from the scarce rifle ammunition pools.

Loaded rounds can be launched with 33% cargo, which sacrifices the loss in return for the fire rating. Lanka has the longest combination firing return times of any sharpshooter rifle at 6 seconds, so it can keep its firing combinations longer. Zooming bonuses add a shallow +20/30/50 crucial opportunity applying after modes.

Five percent crucial odds. Lanka's gunshots can be navigated with Ivara's navigator. Five times the overall penalty on the first strike when multishot modes such as Split Chamber fire a second strike that also falls on the goal. The increase of the fire rates reduces the charging period. Combining speed deduction, crushing and rogue acceleration can cut this down to 0.36 seconds.

Any " cargo weapon " (weapon) is now able to maintain its cargo during a dash, and as long as the operator launches the cargo, it can stop loading while still in the dash. The use of lifts and the opening of cooperative doorways does not eliminate the fee either, but the chopping of brackets and the opening of safes.

Slipping when you are about to touch the floor (from any height) is very useful to hold your load instead of loosing it by roll. Wall- or ball hopping does not reverse the loading process, but the securing of the edges. The use of a craft cancels the fee. There are several ways to alleviate the low overall ammunition and ammunition fall chances for sharpshooter rifles:

The use of a fully-fledged normal mutation allows all ammunition recordings between 1 and 15 round sessions, according to the recording used. The use of the Scavenger Avatar allows the Scavenger Munition to give 25 laps of maximum level pick-ups instead of the 10 laps used. Team ammunition restores can also be used if required.

Carrier's characteristic Ammo Case capability can be used instead of supplies or precious Modspace on your gun or warframe. Heavier caliber can be used on the Lanka without affecting long distance precision as its low firing frequency means that its rounds always end up on its crosshairs.

3, the Lanka has a very high inborn puncture, which makes the metal screw superfluous, while Shred becomes less efficient. The terminal can be used to raise the firing rate. With maximum ranks it increases the fully loaded shooting rate of the Lanka to 320 m/s. The name Lanka is the name of an isolated stronghold in Hindu legend.

Lanka has a similarity to the "retired" sniper. Lanka is either a railway or a coil shot. Indeed, in reality, bullets launched with both guns would be speeded up to incredible velocities, so the slower bullet velocity of the Lanka bullets could be used to compensate for the high level of Lanka impact and precision.

Since the Lanka does not cause any bodily harm, it probably shoots overheated plasmaglasts, which are speeded up with the help of magnetism. That would also account for the slower velocity of the bullet, since thick plasmas do not adhere to the same balistic principals as fixed bullets. Sniper Crewmen, The Sergeant, Nullifier Crewmen (and their corrupt colleagues) and Perrin Sequence agents use the Lanka.

At the bottom of the drum, the text directly translated into "Luksor Forge" implies a possible originator of the Lanka work. Corpus text at the bottom of the rifle telescope superimposition spelled "MARS", which could indicate on which planets this gun was made (supported by The Sergeant, who was the chief of Mars and is equipped with a Lanka).

Lanka's bullet fires in a casual manner when the gun is close to an opponent due to the length of the rifle barrels. Sharpshooter general changes: Deleted 1 combos counter at a point in timeout instead of all (decay vs. cooldown). Losses start at 400 metres and end at 600 metres, with the loss reducing to 50% over 600 metres.

Reduce field device costs for Lanka rifle. The Snipetron, the withdrawn rifle on which the Lanka models are made. Sergeant, the chief who uses the Lanka. The sniper crew, the corpus troops using that gun.

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