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The Donald Trump and the Ambassador

Think Trump says he'd rather vote for wife as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Times.

On Saturday, Donald Trump said he would rather choose a women to take on the United Nations Ambassador function when Nikki Haley resigns. Immediately it was speculated whether Trump would call his daugther Ivanka into the part. He said that he would consider Dina Powell, former White House Assistant Homeland Security Advisor.

It was also said that the French and Canadian embassies are under examination. Saturday, when he spoke with reporter in Elko, Nevada, after an election manifestation, the governor said that he interviewed three wives and two men for the post and would "pick someone very quickly". In Trump, working on tackling domestic affairs and external affairs does not provide employment instability or a peaceful lifestyle.

The former Bush UN Ambassador John Bolton is Trump's third member of the US government's senior intelligence team, following Michael Flynn and HR McMaster. Trump, in the same flock with Nevada reporter, said that the US would retreat from a 1987 Russian atomic arms deal.

"Absurd, crazy." Triump debated the possibility that Putin interrogated the U.S. ambassador | US Nachrichten

Whitehouse has refused to exclude a Russians proposed to interrogate Americans on US soil-our former ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul, who was wanted by the Kremlin for "illegal activities". It was proposed on Monday at the US Presidential Donald Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin meeting, and any Washington ruling to engage an opponent in the persecution of former foreign officials would be a breathtaking change in US politics, especially as it could contravene the internationally recognized basic principles of diplomatic immunity. Moreover, it would be a great step forward in the development of the US political system.

"We will let you know when we have an announcement," said Sarah Sanders, White House spokesperson, in a newsbriefing. Sander added that Trump "said it was an interesting idea...". Sander' remarks led to indignation in the USA, also by McFaul, a loud Putin critique.

"If Trump says that Russia is no longer aiming at America, that US guy doesn't feel that way," McFaul said on Twitter. He comes after Putin proposed at the Helsinki meeting that he would let US operatives be present at the interrogation of 12 Russia secret service agents indicted last Friday for alleged cyber-attacks to meddle in the 2016 US elections, if the Russians in America could do the same for individuals associated with financial director Bill Browder, a former Russia investors.

Mr Brown said he was helping uncover Russia's corrupt practices. Mr Putin blamed Mr Brown for making donations to Trump's electoral rivals Hillary Clinton with cash he made in Russia, on which he paid no tax. Mr. Putin said that U.S. secret agents were helping Brown. Wednesday, the Attorney General's Department of Russia enumerated Americans who it wants to interview about "illegal activities," among them McFaul, who was US ambassador to Russia during the Obama government and is now at Stanford University in California.

Heather Nauert, spokesperson for the US State Department, said the charges were "absolutely absurd". "Nauert said in a recent meeting that the Attorney General of Russia knows full well that the United States have dismissed Russia's charges in this respect. MacFaul tells Reuters he got in touch with Stanford attorneys. Rejecting Russia's charges, he voiced grave concerns that the White House had neglected to uphold him.

"It' s insane and should be described as insane and disgusting, not only by me, but also by the US government," McFaul said. As McFaul said, the White House, by considering the motion, is attributing "moral equivalent between a legal charge against Russia secret service agents... a greasy imagination (from Moscow) without a foundation in reality".

A proposal that the US surrender a former ambassador to Russia raised grave concern in Washington. Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power said Trump's rejection of Putin was "a travesty", while Democratic Congress member Ted Lieu said it was "batshit crazy". In the Fox Business Network, Browder said that it was "only shocking" for Trump's spokesperson to say that she was considering having Russia ask questions of US civil servants.

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