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News. When you reset your cable box, you will notice that the manual does not reappear immediately. Ohio FOX Sports Channel manual.

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If my TV guide is empty after a restart or blackout, what happens? - Welcome to the

Once you have reseted your junction boxes, you will find that the instructions do not reappear immediately. Several of our wire hire kits require you to load guide information, which may take additional work. Directly after resetting, the guide is "To Be Announced". During the first hours after resetting the pit, the guide will start loading for the remainder of the workday.

24-48 hrs may take until the leader is occupied for two whole week. Should your guide information not load within these time windows, or should you see that the error code "To Be Announced" appears on your guide without resetting the checkbox, please call our 24/7 tech staff at 1-866-928-3123.

This manual will appear within a few seconds after the power is turned on. When your tour guide is short of information after a rescue, or when the speaker has not been reseted at all, please call our 24/7 tech help desk for further help at 1-866-928-3123. Guide information is downloadable over your web browser and saved with an 8-hour cache.

When the TiVo has started up, routing information should be available after a normal power-up period (normally when the unit is restarted). Following longer periods of blackouts, it may take up to 24hrs for the full two week of program information to be loaded. TiVo-Guides information is downloadable over the web, so the download depends on the bandwidth of your webbrowser.

When your Wi-Fi connectivity is experiencing problems, the TiVo's capability to download guide information may be impaired. In case you have missed guide information after a TiVo or without resetting the TiVo at all, please contact our round-the-clock tech support department at 1-866-928-3123. Evolution Movie Adapter does not have built-in instructions.

To obtain program information for your region, you can use the regional channel or an on-line program guide.

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