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Cheap Sri Lanka Air Tickets

Which is the cheapest flight to Sri Lanka? Find cheap flights: Airplane: to Sri Lanka. What's better than saving money on airfare?

Discount flights to Sri Lanka

Mean fare for a Sri Lanka UAE trip is UAE $AD2500, but fares are subject to seat availabilities, days of travel and time of booking. When you are flying flexibly, choose the least expensive monthly rate to get the best rates for a whole year.

Or, if you know which months you would like to go to Sri Lanka, find the best price with our monthly quest. From Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi there are non-stop services to Sri Lanka from the UAE. However, please be aware that these take-offs only take place at Colombo airport.

Please be aware that Sri Lanka's main city Colombo has more than one international airports, so make sure your flights go to/from Colombo Bandaranayake or Colombo Ratamalana airports. From the UAE to Sri Lanka, the mean flying duration is between four and five-hour. Who are the UAE carriers flying to Sri Lanka?

There are a number of airline companies offering non-stop and non-stop services to Sri Lanka from the UAE, often every day, such as Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways. There are two Sri Lanka regional airfields in Colombo. The Colombo Bandaranayake Airport is situated 32 km northerly of the center of Colombo. It takes 20 min by auto or cab to Colombo.

There is an international air port-shuttle service that takes you to the station, from where the 187 interurban coach departs for Colombo every 30 mins. The Colombo Ratamalana International Airports is located 20 km from the center of Colombo. Sri Lanka's best travel period is during the arid period on the eastern seaboard from April to November or December to March for the western seaboard and the arid period in the main uplands.

Chrismas and New Year are beloved occasions to go to Sri Lanka with many festivities, while July and August brings many festivities to Sri Lanka. It' s best to skip this period if you want to find cheap airfare to Sri Lanka. What is the climate like in Sri Lanka?

It has a tropic atmosphere with rainy and arid periods. Maha monsoons affect the north and east of Sri Lanka from October to January and the drought from May to September. Sri Lanka's plateaus are colder, with a temperature of 16-20ºC. In beautiful Sri Lanka India encounters Asia in a magic mixture of culture and religion.

It is a country with pristine sand shores, old relicts and remains, breathtaking steamy rainforests and some of the most colourful festival in the whole canyon. Returning to the municipalities and municipalities there are stores and cafés, dining and seaside pubs and many westerly attractions to be enjoyed, not to speak of the Sri Lankan tradition of cooking that is not of this earth.

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