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Guideline for Fishing Taxi in Singapore Taxi's are probably the simplest way to explore Singapore. However, they can also be a little bit bewildering because the town has three different classes of taxi - each with different flag fall ratios and mileage charges. Here's what you need to know before your next Singapore outing. Flags typically range from S$3 to S$3.50 and include the first kilometer of your voyage, after which the metre will tick at around 400 feet per second.

They are large mini travellers and London taxis (white instead of dark in Singapore) with up to seven seats. First flag fall and first kilometer are S$3.90, then change to 400m for 400m and get the flag for the first time at least once per year. Use a taxi rank within the CBD: Unlike in Australia (and many other countries), riders are not permitted to stop anywhere on the street to pick up a rider to hold them down - and pay high penalties.

Legally, it is only possible to get in and out of a taxi within the metropolitan area of the inner cities at sign-posted taxi ranks. You can' see a taxi rank? Singapur-Taxi do not admit Visa-Karten ( Visa has withdrawn the Visa services due to a long lasting quarrel about the paying of car transfer fees). These include an additional S$3 fee for picking up a taxi after 17:00 at the CBD; S$3 fee for picking up Gardens by the Bay and Resort World Sentosa; S$3 fee for picking up Marina Bay Sands on Sunday and Holiday from 6:00 to 16:59; and S$3-5 fee for picking up from Changi Airport.

Travelling by Taxi through Singapore

They can stop a taxi at any moment, but taxi cabs are not permitted to stop anywhere in the center of the center, except at the taxi rank. To find a taxi in the town at certain periods of the day is more difficult than it should be. This includes rush hour, overnight and rain.

A lot of taxi riders switch shift between 16.00 and 17.00, which makes it quite hard to buy a taxi. Tariff system is also complex, but fortunately everything is measured, so there is no dispute about tariffs. There are a number of supplements to consider, among others: When paying by bank transfer a 10% supplement will be charged.

It is also possible to use your EZ-Link transportation map to make payments. You can find a complete listing of tariffs and supplements at

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