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Find out about Air Iceland's rates and the latest flight information. Driven by New York On Air. George Steinmetz's book review from above. To read the full review of New York Air, click here: A boutique airline in a class of its own from Paris to New York.

The ultimate helicopter experience.

Concentrate on an exceptional air photograph. Ideal for those looking for something beyond our typical flying choices. Willing to fly a chopper in New York? Which better lookout is there to capture New York City than from a 1,500-foot NYON chopper-cruise? As soon as you reach our NYON terminals, our flying cocierges give you their advice for the best air photos.

When you are travelling and could not take your own camcorder with you, our committed camcorder hire will give you advice on which camcorder to use when travelling. All our chopper helicopters are conceived for air photographing, and they allow their route to be fully adapted so that the passenger can take the best photos.

From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State to the Brooklyn Bridge to the World Trade Center, our chopper flight offers you the most enjoyable and safe chopper adventure possible. FAA certified NYONair LLC airlines operate services to New York.

is a book report by Richard Rivera: The New York Air: From the top

The photographer George Steinmetz' New York Air: An exciting book, The View from Above is a rapturous celebration of stunning vistas of an incredible town, which still excites with its wealth of architecture, diverse neighbourhoods, and stunning airography. Steinmetz's book is a great suprise for someone who has lived most of his New York-city life but has never been seen from a helicopter's perspective.

Lots of trusted shots take on a new meaning and fullness when seen from the air with Steinmetz's skilful perspective as a superb shot-maker. Overlooking Belvedere Castle in Central Park, Frank Gerry's undulating skyscrapers, the Mercedes House and the Guggenheim Museum, Steinmetz also offers us Potter's Field on Hart Island and cross-country skiers across the Verrazano Bridge - the very high, all-encompassing vantage points as well as the detail low-flying prospects.

This experienced National Geographic photographer's reproductions of pictures are outstanding in sound and colour. Sometimes purely abstract, but mostly with a singular point of view, the book is full of captivating photographs and captivating historic accounts of the quarters, emblems and monuments that inhabit the megacity.

Georges Steinmetz is a bright still photography artist who has written more than 40 large photographic essay for National Geographic since 1986. It' a book that New York City enthusiasts will appreciate for many years to come.

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