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Volverhampton Now you can register for your DBS and DVLA exams via a special web system. Specialising in DBS & DVLA taxi driver check services, Personnel Check works with a range of government agencies across the UK. The staff controls give you a hyperlink to the postal outlet locator so that you can find the closest ID centre to your area.

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DBS, DVLA and medicinal examinations

A new driver must complete an extended DBS, DVLA and health assessment at the time of their first application. They must retake the extended DBS and DVLA examinations every three years. For the most part, we will try to let you know when you need to perform one of these tests so that you can do so before your license has expired.

When you need an advanced DBS test, a health test or a DVLA test, you must fill them in before your license will expire, otherwise we may not be able to extend your license. Once you have finished a DVLA or doctor's examination or obtained your DBS Extended Certification, you must send it back to us before extending it on-line.

Or you can take the Enhanced DBS to a Citizen Service Point for us to copy, or return the Enhanced DBS to P.O. Box 3176 (Licensing Team), Bristol, BS3 95. We will return your certification to you. If you are a person or taxi rider, you will need to visit the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) every three years.

We' re gonna have to review your license with the DVLA every three years. Thereby we learn when your license will expire, if you have any notes (or points) and if you have been unqualified. You must fill in a DVLA-Mandat ( pdf, 318k) (opens in new window), which gives us authorisation to verify your license.

If you are applying as a taxi for the first time, you will be subjected to a physical exam. Bring the taxi's check-up certificate (pdf, 492k) (opens in new window) to your physician for supplement. Remember that the physician who has completed the physical exam must work in the practice of your licensed physician. Your health check will confirm that you are in good shape and can take a taxi.

You must give us your consent in writing if you want someone else to review your use or license with us on your own account.

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