Airlines that go to Alaska

Air carriers flying to Alaska

Delta, Alaska Airlines are going to war for Seattle. Long-standing partner Alaska Air Group Inc. and Delta Air Lines Inc. 2 DAL. 55% beat it out in a Battle for Seattle, which will become one of the most vicious territorial battles of the US Airlines industy in years.

Delta, the number 3 US carrier in air travel, and the Alaska Airlines of the Alaska Air Group will compete head-to-head, donate funds to enhancements at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and make their civil references known as they struggle for shares of the city.

Competition is alarming some investor fearing that a large increase in air traffic at the airports would put earnings under strain, especially for smaller Alaska Airlines, the 6th biggest US airline. Delta, which last year worked to develop Seattle into a major centre, has added London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong as well as tens of home destinations to serve these destinations.

Delta is expecting 95 departures by December to 33 destination Seattle, which is also a gate to Asia. For the third three months, the company anticipates that it will become Sea-Tac's largest contributor to sales. This is a long standing job with Alaska Airlines. With 285 daily departures from Seattle to 72 cities, all in North America, the company controlled almost half of the air travel from its home base and added fast clipping services to Hawaii and the east of the USA.

She recently stated that she is planning to raise her non-stop Seattle flight rate by 11% next year. Due to their competitive expansion, the two airlines now overlap on the main Seattle to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anchorage, Alaska, San Diego and Las Vegas highways. The Alaska Airlines has tried to counteract the pressure from Delta by introducing services to US towns that Delta does not operate non-stop from Seattle, such as New Orleans, Baltimore and Albuquerque, N.M. It has also provided a boost by starting a series of new services from Salt Lake City, one of Delta's smaller hubs. Alaska Airlines has also been able to offer a number of new services from Salt Lake City, one of Delta's major hub airports.

For its new Asia flight, Delta held extensive farewell talks and recently sent its managing director to pay a call. In September last year, the major airliner Alaska Airlines was sold as the Seattle Seahawks FCA' s Seahawks League member. The Alaska Airlines response was to hire Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson as its " Chief Football Officers ".

" Recently, the carrier has made a consumer watch television clip that highlights its Pacific Northwest origins, its entire Boeing aircraft portfolio and its dedication to the region's business community. These feuding for shares of the aviation markets have become scarce in recent years after four megamers contributed to the stabilization of the aviation sector.

Specifically, the Seattle affair is particularly uncommon as it runs counter to a decade-long code-sharing and airline alliances between Alaska Airlines and Northwest Airlines that Delta purchased in 2008. Both airlines continue to operate seat sales on some of each other's routes and passenger miles can be earned on both airlines.

Seattle expansion of capacities - coupled with competitive prices and dual mile incentive schemes for both sides' regular and repeat customers - raises concern among investors even though both airlines are very lucrative. The Alaska Airlines Group's stock has risen by around 30% this year, but Joseph DeNardi, a Stifel, Nicolaus & Co. aviation industry Analyst, estimated that its cost would be 25% higher, if not for the increasing threats Delta represents to its Seattle activities.

Wolfe Research Co.'s Hunter Keay said he expected Delta's effort in Seattle to collapse. Said Delta should resume its Asia business together with its Korean Air Lines Co. affiliate. instead of following what we see as a failed effort to organize a node in Seattle while fighting Alaska, a power there.

" However, the Atlanta-based Delta is disappointed with its present Asiatic gateway, Narita International Airports in Tokyo. In addition to Japan's decline in importance with the boom in Chinese aviation, Delta also misses a Japan carrier to serve its flight there, and Narita loses store to an international base near Tokyo city center.

Seattle, the fifteenth most congested US airfield, with 17. The 4 million passenger boarding last year was Delta's best West Coast passenger choice. However, the airline has established its own feeders there instead of deepening its relations with Alaska Airlines. Delta CEO Glen Hauenstein thinks Seattle is big enough for both airlines.

" As Alaska Airlines admits, ocean voyages generally add "value to Seattle, the communities that inhabit it and the companies," said Joe Sprague, senior vice president of communication. "lt can also be good for Alaska. These airlines need "feed" transport to fill the large offshore areas, he said. However, many of the emerging Delta economies have "nothing to do with intercontinental flights," added Andrew Harrison, Alaska' s Airlines Sr. VP of Scheduling and Sales Mangement.

"Probably Palm Springs, Tucson and Juneau have only a fistful of internationals. Seattle Harbor, the district authority that operates Sea-Tac, is "pleased" with Delta's continued development, said Tom Albro, a member of the executive team. He said the extra charges and passenger fares are good for the airports, and the extra ocean service will boost the economy and help travellers who work for businesses such as Starbucks Corp.

May Daudon, CEO of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, said she hoped that the two companies would "find a way to work together in a compatible way. "Delta's intercontinental services meet a need, she said, but Alaska Airlines is our Kronjuwel. "and a great citizen.

" Both airlines have maintained their code-sharing arrangements, although they have recently taken away each other's code from directly rival routes. Associated with a Dozen of major airlines worldwide, Alaska Airlines has also entered into a long-standing code-sharing deal with Am. Airlines Group, Inc. In the past year it obtained 235 million dollars from Delta travellers who fly Alaska Airlines airplanes and 165 million dollars from US travellers who fly their airplanes.

The Alaska Airlines has begun to approach the Americans. During February, the two reinforced their ties by permitting the Americans to place their codes on 22 more Alaska Airlines and Alaska Airlines to place their codes on 19 more US Airlines itineraries. "We talked to them about how we could work more together in the future," said Alaska's Mr. Sprague.

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