Alaska Air Flight 18

Flight 18 Alaska Air

Alaska Airlines bought the Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar, the first multi-engined aircraft, in 1943. SFO Denver is one of 5 routes cut by Alaska Airlines. An Alaska Airlines flight stewardess accused the first sergeant of violating the law, sued for dismissal

One flight stewardess, who used to work for Alaska Airlines, brought a suit against the company alleging that she was sacked after she had reportedly been stunned and violated by a first mate during a working visit in August 2017. Ashtley Geffre accuses the air company of having dismissed her "in retaliation" after having told about the attack that supposedly took place in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

KIRO 7 reports. A 25-year-old, he further asserted that although the first mate " confirmed her history about a possible drug", he was not dismissed from her employers - he also asserted that he had been intoxicated. "You know, I used to love my flight hostess work. She said everything was changing during an night at Fort Lauderdale when she went out to supper with the first mate and drank beverages.

I was afraid ", the former flight stewardess of KIRO 7 remembered the "devastating" realisation. "I' ve been described as a liar by a firm I like to work for. I was embarrassed by a firm to which I dedicated my work.

Then Geffre informed Alaska Airlines that she could not leave this night as planned because she did not really think she was going to be able to do so. Said that the first mate also said he was stunned and could not go that particular time. I' ve been described as a liar by a firm I like to work for.

I was embarrassed by a firm to which I dedicated my time," Geffre said. Geffre's suit is the second of its kind to hit Alaska Airlines in recent month. During March, Betty Pina filed a suit against the carrier after she said she was stunned and violated by Captain Paul Engelian during an night in Minneapolis in June 2017.

Said that the carrier had not called Mr Angelian to account and that he would continue to be an employee of the carrier. "The Alaska Airlines has a strict retaliatory tactic. It can be confirmed that the First Officer was immediately dismissed from service and has not since August 2017 no longer been flying. Meanwhile, in March, a lady who claims to have been abused in the bath room on American Airlines' flight is suing the company after refusing $5,000 to come to an agreement.

In April, a female air hostess from skyWest blamed a flight crew member for stunning and violating her during a stopover. A British Airways agent was charged a few working nights later with having raped an elderly flight hostess during a stopover in Singapore.

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