Eclipse 500 Vlj

Ecolipse 500 Vlj

Eclipse Aviation manufactures the ultra-light Jet Eclipse 500 at its production facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Eclipse 500 is designed for speed, agility and overall performance, with its cruising speed of 370 kts and its maximum height of 41,000 ft. The Eclipse 500, revolutionary for its time, is a private aircraft that sets the standard in the class of very light jets.

EA500 Eclipse Features

The Eclipse 500 launched a radical new class in 2002 named VeryLightJet ( "VLJ."), a dual turboprop aircraft that unites dependability, refuelling economy and ease of use in a smart and classy enclosure. Even though it is classed as a lightweight aircraft, the Eclipse 500 can seat up to 6 people, making it ideal for individuals and small businesses.

Albuquerque Eclipse Aviation's primary goal was to build a privately owned aircraft that was affordably priced (less than $1 million) but still provided outstanding value and convenience. In August 2002 the Eclipse 500 was flown for the first time with the Williams EJ22 770 lb thrusterfanjets. Persistent problems compelled Eclipse to look for another motor.

Though Eclipse raises the 500s' listing to $1.2 million, Eclipse opted to use two Pratt and Whitney Canada PW610F power plants in its construction. When Eclipse found the perfect motor car, he said the 500 would be launched in 2006. Eclipse 500 is simple to use thanks to the AVIO Total Aircraft Integration System it uses.

Eclipse's AVIO is similar to Dassault's Dassault's Dassault Eclipse cocking system, but even better than that. Eclipse 500 has a great deal to boast in regards to power. Featuring a cruising limit of 370 kn, real flying speeds and the capability to climb 41,000 ft, the 500 is very competitively priced with other very lightweight aircraft such as the Citation Mustang and Phenom 100.

Eclipse 500 is able to reach a velocity of 0,64 Mach. Eclipse 500's case is as important to its competitiveness as its power. Eclipse 500 was a very lightweight, groundbreaking aircraft. The Eclipse 500 was a great purchase for smaller home jets with competitively priced power, an advanced electronics system and an elegant and convenient styling.

The Eclipse Aviation company begins producing its milestone Very Light Jet (VLJ).

1 April 2006 Eclipse Aviation's Vern Raburn has long dreamed of bringing the term "personal" to aerospace by creating an affordably priced Very-light aircraft that enables business travelers to move directly between towns and allows pilots to get into the worlds of jet-based aerospace. Early this month, the first of 2350 Eclipse 500 jets ordered with non-refundable inserts began to be produced - orders valued at more than $3 billion.

The ones who want to join the waiting line now will spend a little less waiting for their Eclipse 500, but still get $1,295,000. The Eclipse 500 is much less expensive than anything else even at this low rate and has the cheapest running costs per kilometer of any jets. In addition, this exceptional aircraft gives you more than 10,000 U.S. airport locations to explore. The Eclipse 500 is a new, highly responsive VLJ designed and built by Eclipse Aviation.

In the second quarter of 2006, the company anticipates acquiring the FAA (Federation Aviation Administration) Type Certification for the Eclipse 500. These unparalleled technical and construction characteristics, coupled with a burgeoning need for a VLJ in the aerial taxis sector, have resulted in Eclipse Aviation receiving more than 2,400 orders for the Eclipse 500.

A series of video clips showing the Eclipse 500 in test flights can be found here.

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