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Booking cheap domestic flights back home or back to college with Virgin America. home airfare From the southwest, the latest offering comprises more than 50 domestic tours, with promotional rates starting at US$118 return. South West has published selling rates throughout the country. Over the next three and a half weeks, the carrier will advertise return trips starting at $118. With United Airlines lowering rates across its entire fleet, the low rates only apply to this weekend's outings.

Announced rates begin at $155 round trips. The southwest has lowered the price across a broad front. Both today and in the future, the carrier advertises discounted rates on over 50 domestic flights. The Alaska Airlines Group sells low-cost tickets on over 30 domestic flights and some to Mexico. Announced rates begin at $98 return.

American Airlines is offering low-cost air tickets today and in the future on over 70 domestic flights for next week-end trips. Announced rates begin at $212 return. At the last moment, United sells low last minute rates on over 50 domestic flights, but they only apply to trips this week-end. Announced rates begin at $155 round trips. Southwest operates a large domestic ticket sales operation until Monday at 12 noon.

Rates are announced from 8 round trips.

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