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HANDBAHWA BUSINESS JET AIRLINES CO. Banhwa Business Jet Airlines - Business aircraft charters Zhoushuizi)2 x Bombardier Challenger 300 (Challenger 300) - Pax; Facebook:Twitter:. The Sky Service ecosystem provides a broad array of certified General Aeronautical and FBO related general aeronautical service, with its own personnel, facility and equipments, oversight and approvals throughout Italy, jet A1 propellant, catered by the Sky Cuisine Divison and Part 145 upkeep. Avjet Routing's committed service teams serve customers at every point on their travels, providing overflight and land clearances, extensive groundhandling regulations and end-to-end service lifts.

The EBAA encourages its members' excellent and highly professional skills to provide first rate security and operating efficiencies while at the same time being able to represent their interests at all European level. EBAA is a full range groundhandling and air assistance organisation offering the highest level of V.I.P. assistance throughout Poland. The Alpha Jet Group is the premier supplier of groundhandling and air transportation solutions to the smallest and most distant Greek airports.

Frequent pilots of passenger or business aircraft - what are you?

Frequent pilots of passenger or business aircrafts - what are you? Given the increasing forecasts of the worldwide pilots' demands on the aviation industry, there are no longer any unanswered question as to whether the pilots' job is suitable for your job. A key question is - which airplane should be chosen?

The choice of model depends on many factors, such as the needs of the markets, the desired regions or airlines, the model itself and so on. Have you ever thought about what kind of pilots you want to be? Do you want to become a normal passenger or business plane aviator?

To be a flyer, as it is, demands flexibility and sacrifice, as one should call it, a standard living experience with the home familiy. When you think it's difficult to be away from your kids and your loved ones during important parties while you're a professional pilots, think again - because being a business jet pilots is even more difficult.

If you work for the airlines, you have your own timetable - even if you have to fly on the weekend or on public holiday, you can still use it to make plans. Normally you have a certain timetable of your working day (with clear goals and flight times) along with your free day.

Whilst you are a business jet aviator, you also have some kind of timetable for your working time. Let's begin with the fact that the choice of one or the other pilots does not need any extra training course - you get your own PPL, then select your own model and get all your skills as before.

But if you asked other business jet flyers, they would acknowledge that working as a business jet flyer would require a higher level of qualifications. Suppose you work as a flight attendant for a legitimate business carrier. In all likelihood, you have your usual goals, with the same airfields and itineraries. Where is the distinction in business aeronautics work?

Now, everything is different: every day can be a new day for you, with new goals, new meteorological and airport requirements, and every day is a new one. A further factor that should be considered when selecting the most suitable workplace for you is the workload. As a Business Jetilot you will have more work before and after the flights than a normal professional one.

One jet pilots is in charge of the airplane he is operating. Pilots must get it ready for the mission, check its physical state, make all necessary computations for fuels, waters, toiletries, customer baggage, etc. Thus, for example, it can take about 1.5 hrs of pre- and post-flight preparations, while the total flying time was only 3hrs.

That is why, if you decide on a business jet pilots, you will collect less flying lessons in the same amount of space than a normal passenger aircraft pilots. There is, however, a distinction between a business jet pilots position and a normal pilots position with a business carrier.

First, as already stated, it takes more skills to be a business jet aviator. So, if you are a new flier, with recently obtained model ratings, it could be a true test for you to get the position that demands such demands. Getting a business jet cockpit would be simpler after having gained some experiences with a normal carrier.

Furthermore, the business jet market is relatively small and self-contained. So, if you're really stubborn about getting your first pilot's assignment with a business carrier, we recommend you take off from bottom to top. What we have in our minds is trying to get any kind of jobs with a corporate jetliner.

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