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Finland airport taxi

Safe and inexpensive taxi transfers from and to the airport. Vantaa Airport Helsinki taxis are set by the Finnish government. What does a taxi cost from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL) in Helsinki, Finland?

Eldullisia lentokenttäkuljetuksia jo voodesta 1992

Whether you' re leaving or coming in, we are the partners of every traveler and make sure your trip is a success; travel is much more than just travel. Experienced English-speaking personnel take good pride in taking all types of passenger into account: groups, companies, conferences and individuals.

Shared use of a transportation leads to less CO2 emission and less congestion.

Airport Transfer Helsinki-Vantaa

The system allows travelers to make secure and dependable bookings to and from airport locations around the globe. Customers reserve their transportation in advance on our website. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is the biggest airport in Finland. With around 15 million passenger movements per year, it is the most congested airport in Scandinavia.

From Helsinki-Vantaa Airport we are offering you the best and cheapest transportation. You are traveling to Helsinki and are looking for a dependable and cheap airport taxi-shuttle? From Helsinki-Vantaa Airport we arrange a secure, dependable and inexpensive taxi service to your final destinations. From Helsinki-Vantaa Airport you can make your taxi reservation on-line via our website.

Specialized in airport transfer to and from all over the globe, we work with the best group of driver and carriages. Our Helsinki driver team works with Helsinki's locals so they know the best and fastest way to get to your destinations. Thanks to the experiences we have gathered over the years, we know which taxi service is reliable.

Booking your taxi trips week in advance and avoiding last-minute problems. Once you have arrived at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, your journey is set to take you to your destination of choice. It is important that you make your reservation for your Helsinki-Vantaa airport shuttle early, as we need to find you a taxi and chauffeur.

Therefore it is very important for you to reserve the taxi shuttle at least 8 hrs before your real shuttle. If you are planning your Helsinki-Vantaa airport shuttle, we will give you information about the drivers so you know what to do. So you can turn to us, for example, if your plane is late or if you want to know where the Helsinki-Vantaa airport taxi is awaiting you.

Choosing to hire a taxi shuttle from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport with us means you can select from our extensive selection of cars to suit your needs. There is so much to see and do in the Republic of Finland's capitol. It'?s the biggest town in the state. Meet under the watch in the Stockmann shop, gulls at the market place, there are so many sights in Helsinki, these are our top 5 tips you can try out.

Kauppatori (Helsinki Market) on the waterside is the centre of the town. Tsarina's Stone is situated on the market place and is Helsinki's oldest open memorial, reflecting the many strata of the country's historical life. The Esplanade Gardens, the four highly distinctive Helsinki seasonal features, make sure that the Esplanade Gardens are constantly evolving but always attractive.

The Helsinki Cathedral is the place to be if you want architectural style. In Helsinki there is much more to do and see, so if you plan to go there, you have made the right one. Therefore you are at the right place for your Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Transfers, but also in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

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