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4,000 Taxi

4,000 Taxi, Aguascalientes (Aguascalientes City). You can download 4000 Taxi apk 2.4.2 and the complete version history for Android. TO REQUEST A TAXI FROM YOUR MOBILE DEVICE.

Turist picks up 4.000 Euro Taxi from Denmark to Rome.

It took three whole day to travel from Denmark to Rome. One Dane paid 29,226 crowns (3,920 ) for a taxi to Rome and made a 1,803 kilometre trip across Europe to attend a particular temple in the city. Rome with its wealth of histories is at the top of the lists of many souls. Taxi operator Martin Langstred informed the Metroxpress Zeitung that during a shifts at the beginning of the year a client got into his vehicle on a Wednesday just after 1.00 a.m. and asked to be taken to Rome.

"At first I thought he wanted to go to the airfield - but no, he wanted to take a taxi to the airport," said Longstred. Longstred does not recall the name of his passengers, but he clearly recalls the peculiar inquiry and has the receipts totaling 29,226 crowns (3,920 ) to show it. "There was this little temple he wanted to see in Rome.

It took three whole day to get to Rome when the taxi from Denmark drove through Germany, Austria and Italy. He said Langsted had not slept during the trip, but had partyed the day's visit with an Italien beach snack and an night in Italy. "Then I went home and took the next three or four free nights.

High-ranking Obama commissioner charged the general public at least $4,000 for taxi rides: review

An Obama high-ranking administrator who illegally charged tax payers more than $4,000 for taxi trips from his home to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office head office has conducted an in-house inquiry. Vicrum Aiyer, who acted as head of police for the U.S. Department of Commerce, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Commerce, Department of State, and the U.S. Department of Commerce, Vikrum Aiyer, urged tax payers to pay a bill for at least 130 illegal taxi trips - most of which took place over a four-month timeframe in 2016, according to a Washington Post survey published on Tuesday by detectives.

Previously, Aiyer was active as President Obama's Seniors Political Advisor in the National Economic Council. It is said that he pretended to be other present and former high-ranking agents who used their name on the taxi receipt to prevent getting into the unauthorised system. However, the trick was soon uncovered after officers began asking question. Confronting the then communication manager of the Patent and Trademark Office - one of the firms Aiyer used to invoice the trips - who said to the detectives that he had not used the cabs because he went to work on a regular basis, Aiyer was not able to use the taxi to get to work.

"The proof...states that the Political Commissioner knewingly used the Agency's Cab Company accounts for improper uses and that he took action to hide his non-authorized use of that accounts by supplying fake aliases and fake site information," the Department of Commerce's investigator general Peggy Gustafson said in the post.

According to an interviewee with detectives in December 2016 he does not dispute the results. Instead, he argued that the reason for the practise was that other civil servants supposedly did the same thing. "The Political Commissioner said he thought it admissible to give false information about the start or end of the journey because this was the "protocol given to him by his former bosses" and because this was the reason for how .... the previous chiefs handled it," the detectives commented.

In two years, the Alexandria Yellow cab Alexandria goverment, a firm that was commissioned to render authorised taxi service to officers of the agent, far exceeded $4,000 for Aiyer's trips, the reports said.

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