Private Business Aircraft

Personal business aircraft

Considerations to consider when selling your business jet. What is the distinction between business and private jets? Whereas clients and people outside the sector speak about travelling by "private jet", in our sector we more often use the word "business aviation". In order to further perplex the matter, we also have the subcategories Private Property, Charters, Partial Property and Seating! Recently I have had more and more discussions about what we should call ourselves an industrial sector.

My own wisdom is that business travel is a concept that can readily be mistaken for business trips in general, air trips included. This also means that the vast bulk of private jets fly for business purposes, whereas this is not the case in Europe. What is the meaning of the word "business aviation"? Business aeronautics was widely used to emphasise the value of private aeronautics as an efficient instrument and not to use the word "private jet" - with its association of luxuries and friendliness, many of which have tried to get away in the sector.

It was also useful to correct the misunderstanding that "private jet" passengers are all milliaires or alligarchs. Many people associate the word "private jet" with a careless life inampagne. The August European year was a bumper ride, with air travel surpassing pre-war figures. Our challenges as an industrial sector are to drive this forward.

Chairing the EBAA (European Business Aviation Association) Subcommittee of Brokers, it's great to see how they invest in campaigning to raise awareness of the efficiencies of private aviation and the commercial value of our sector. Do business versus free time? Company or company demands are of great importance to our sector.

However, I don't think we should be hiding the standard of recreational flying on the side - both are important targets. Today's hobby is not only the extremely wealthy one. And there are those who are willing to pay a little more than airlines' rates to prevent the adventure of a business jetty, celebrate a landmark anniversary, travel to a secluded place not serviced by them.

The boundary between business and recreational use is also shifting. Business people and businessmen can connect a business journey more and more with a vacation. Please find more information about my extensive journey to the USA in the section Real Business. It is a discussion that will go on and I do not see the concept of business aviation disappearing in the near future.

However, I think it is necessary for there to be clarification from business as to what we are offering - and for it to become more open about it.

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