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It is designed for short range missions, for few people and at low cost. The Light Jet offers great performance at an affordable price. So what do you get in a so-called "entry-level jet"?

ECOLIPE 550 - Operation and Budget

You know that Privatfliegerei is more than just a crew of humans to move from point to point. An airplane is a commercial instrument that enables your organization to do more in less than an hour. It'?s about effectiveness. While there are many planes to select from, there is only one that stands out for its efficiency: the twin-engine Jet Eclipse 550.

The Eclipse Jet is a perfect match for this type of missions. If you are flying private, why do you incinerate an excess amount of petrol to travel with empty seat? The Eclipse 550 is your own jet plane and we would like to welcome you to our website. Tablet velocities are calculated on the basis of Max Continous Thrust (MCT) velocity for different step heights.

Ascent, ride and descend are part of the blockspeed. Fuel allows cab and start. The displayed ride heights are common heights for the step length. EAI Platinum Service Center Store Tariffs.


Eclipse 550 is a very lightweight jet originally made by Eclipse Aerospace and later by One Aviation from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. It is a design variant of the Eclipse 500, manufactured by its forerunner Eclipse Aviation. Just like the 500, the 550 is also a low-wing, six-seater, twin-jet, jet-powered aircraft[3] The Eclipse 550 is certificated for single-pilot use.

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