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The journey to Europe has never been so easy and possibly never so cheap. Expanding through low-cost airlines, as well as Europe and the Americas, airlines from Dubai, Singapore and Pakistan, and airlines from Dubai, Singapore and Pakistan, are opening up new itineraries and lowering fares, said leaders of Europe's tourism associations to trade visitors during a meeting at the New York Times Travel Show this week-end in New York City.

According to Alison Metcalfe, Tourism Ireland EVP and Chairman of the European Travel Authority's US Operation Group, there are currently 430 connections between North America and European destinations. Unconventional gateway on both sides of the lake are among the new itineraries. British Airways (BA), for example, operates services from New Orleans to London, the first non-stop connection between these two towns since National Airlines in the seventies.

Condor, the leading international carrier in Germany, will operate non-stop services between Nola and Frankfurt. Delta Air Lines will provide Portland with a non-stop service to London and Hartford will provide Aer Lingus with a non-stop service to Dublin. It will also resume non-stop services from New York to Berlin and will operate non-stop services to Lisbon and Boston to Dublin.

The BA complements the Ft Lauderdale and Oakland to London services. Mr Kier V.B. Matthews, VP of UK Express at Europe Express, a TUI Group travel agent, said that after announcing travel from New Orleans to Europe, his business saw an increase in reservations, many from customers who did not want to make calls.

European low-cost airlines are also growing fast across the Atlantic. She currently travels from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, New York, Boston, Toronto and Montreal via Reykjavik to more than a dozen European destinations. Norway Air Shuttle, the biggest of Europe's low-cost airlines focusing on services to the Americas (RyanAir and easyJet, the two biggest do not serve the Americas ), has expanded its services on new destinations such as Oakland, Ft. Lauderdale and now Newburgh, New York, just off New York City, and put additional pressures on destinations such as New York and London.

JFK in New York provides non-stop services and links to more than 50 major New Yorkers. Fares for Copenhagen, Oslo, London, Paris, Hamburg and Nice are less than $200 per leg in February. The first non-stop services are seen in smaller stores on both sides. With the kind permission of Edelweiss Airlines, San Diego receives its first non-stop flight to Zurich.

Another new route linking the USA and Europe is an Athens-New York Emirates service. And Pakistan International Airlines will use Leipzig as a transit stop and connect non-stop from New York to the airport in Germany. On their Singapore Houston to Moscow Singapore Airlines modified the connection from Moscow to Manchester, England, and for the first consecutive day, established a connection from this town to Texas.

Together with the strong US dollars against the euro, the new itineraries and increasing competitiveness mean that it is less expensive to drive in Europe than Aspen or Vail," said Eduardo Santander, Executive Director of the Commission. Not only has the winning formula made travelling to Europe more accessible to a broader public, but it has also helped Americans make more trips," said Anne-Laure Tuncer, North America Manager at Atout France.

Since Europe, after two years marked by terrorists and transport strike, looks hopefully to 2017, one thing is certain when considering a trip to Europe: you can't say that Europe is too costly either to get there or as soon as you get there.

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