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About Exec Receipt MAKE CUSTOM RECEIPTS for everything. Some examples of overdocuments for your purchases. The Invoice Generator is a Java core project for the generation of invoices for a Rent-a-Cab company. And Mel had sent me a receipt by e-mail - not from Uber, but from his Mel's Luxury Service.

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Über invoices are a copy of your Über sales. At the end of a journey, we will receive a receipt to the e-mail in your Uber balance. Failure to receive a receipt will result in a scan of the e-mail address's spamming or junctify folders. To verify your e-mail adress, select "Settings" in your application menue.

Touch your e-mail in order to refresh it. You have a travel log of every journey you have made. For verification: Choose "Your Trips" from the Apple Travel application drop-down list. Choose a past journey. They can check the itinerary of the journey, the pick-up point and the endpoint. To get a full break-down of your ticket price, press Receipt.

In order to re-send a receipt e-mail for journeys with an economy car opt-in, log in to riders.uber.com and choose "My journeys" from the drop-down list. Choose the tour and click the Send again icon.

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I' ve been set up by a fake overrider. Don't be the next casualty.

Diversion and rush - two emotions often associated with travel to the airports - made me the reluctant prey of a fake Uber fraud." Early I took an early plane to LaGuardia and reserved the Hampton Jitney, a coach to take it to Long Island, 85 kilometers east of the city.

Therefore, I resolved to reserve a Uber. Approximate fare: $180. It turns out I had just been directly caught in a fraud, as had more than two thousand every working day at La Guardia and John F. Kennedy International Airport near by, according to Uber's New York General Director Josh Mohrer.

"It' s really scandalous and it' s a crime," said Mohrer, referring to the outbreak of " illicit driving requests " as a "very organised and well elaborated fraud". "To substantiate his point, Mohrer sent me a copy of a correspondence he had sent to Pat Foye, Chief Operating Officer of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, in which he detailed the volumes of fraud on the basis of a 15-day inquiry by his staff.

Writing put the issue at the effective foot of the port authority for "ineffective enforcement". "Mohrer says he hasn't heard back from Foye since he sent the note on June 30. One of the cheats about which Mohrer had written was the one who put a leg in me: As the wrongispatcher asked me where I was going, I gave him the location and said that I had been given a $180 ticket from the Uber Apple.

"I' ll arm you to an Escalade" - points to a giant on the curb - "for the same price". And then the traffic controller beckoned my rider to me - Mel from Mel's Luxury Service, as I found out later. I asked him with a little skepticism: "You're over, right?", to whom he said "yes". "You know the ticket price, right?

" I had him repeat "$180" back to me. I had one last query, aware of the Uber Rules: It had been a quiet and comforting trip and I had no discomfort with Mel's riding. Thanks to him I began to leave the Escalade because I knew that my debit was going to be charged to my account via my debit cards.

And Mel had sent me a receipt by e-mail - not from Uber, but from his Mel's Luxury Service. Others report that their breakaway riders charged higher fare while driving - or quite literally took a New York City drive. So I lodged a claim with the Port Authority, the New York City's main traffic hub monitoring company, and got an automatic reply confirming that.

I did not receive any follow-up to my complaints a fortnight later. Ubers Mohrer says that he hasn' t heard back his letters from CEO Foye after more than three month. Personally, I phoned the Port Authority and spoke to the spokesman, Joe Pentangelo, and I asked how seriously the Port Authority took the fraud.

As an answer, he sent me a news item entitled: "Upon further consideration, I learned that the news item was issued on November 24, 2009, one and a half years before the Uber shift began in New York. Uber has made good progress with its many opponents five years later, more or less, and is operating in the so-called "rental room", which means that the airline can pick up customers at pre-arranged New York airport locations.

In 2016, the Port Authority had so far made 548 detentions for "summons", including all cabs and sedans, not only Uber. This is compared to more than two thousand unlawful over-fraud cases per month, according to General Director Mohrer. Maybe it' s my emotive state, but many airport arrivals are diverted, puzzled or trapped in their own individual emergency, making them susceptible to such frauds.

  • Make sure that the make and scale of the vehicle matches what you have purchased; do not trust a Uber badge that may not be legit. - Keep in mind that Uber has no dispatcher people. When someone nears you at the terminal (or somewhere) who claims to be over, tell them that you have already reserved your trip.

Perhaps Cindy Adams, the celebrated New York tabloidist, is best known for her concluding remarks: "Only in New York, children, only in New York. Whilst this over-fraud has so far only been reported in the Big Apple, don't make a single error, what happens there won't remain there.

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