Elevated car

high-bay trolleys

That forklift truck can run across town. Everyone of us who have ever been caught in congestion has dreamed of being able to push a knob and magic around the congestion. The Verizon lights may be the most cool car ever - one that lets you get out of congestion by riding safe over the car in front of you.

Widening and raising the car to make this possible, as this advertising clip shows. But before you get too happy that this 8,500-pound car is in your sights, consider that Verizon Telematics is merely trying to draw your eye to Hum by Verizon, a device that connects to your car's built-in diagnostics ports.

On this Hum Rider episode, Verizon has partnered with a media company, think-modo, to create a Hum Rider episode that he expects to become like some of the earlier think-modo episodes, viruses, including this fun/frightening Devil Baby series. On the other hand, Tinkmodo commissioned a machine builder, A2ZFX, to construct the only Hum-car. The blinking on the monitor at the end of the Hum Rider movie is a warning:

Sorry, but you'll have to find other ways to bridge the bumper-to-bumper road.


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