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This is a breakdown of the annual fixed and direct operating costs for a Phenom 100 private jet. What does it cost to buy an Embraer Phenom 100? Embraer Phenom 100 for sale The Embraer Phenom 100 competes in the entry-level jets segment, offering typical four to six passenger seating capacities (with side seats and belt seat). Couple of FADEC-controlled PW617-F turbofan PW617s drive this single-pilot certificated aircraft to a 1,178 nm cruising distance. Normal Cruise Speed KTAS:

Load capacity - Full LBS fuel: Range - Seats Full N.M.: Floating costs per hour $: LBS Usable Fuel: What is the retail of an Embraer Phenom 100? A US holder since the recertification for part 134 only 2242 full-hourPratt & Whitney ESP GoldEmbraer Exec..... AROTRUST is pleased to launch this marvelous Phenom 100 in just 400hrs.

Pratt & Whitney Gold (ESP)Parts Program..... The very optional Phenom 100, registered in the EEC and CAMP, is flawless inside and out.

What does it cost to own and run a Phenom 100 personal aircraft?

Exemplary overview of operational costs per year. Overall $471,021 or $711,275 for 400 flight per year is the overall budgeted amount for a Phenom 100 200 hour per year flight. Phenom 100's top velocity is 437 mbph, but at lower climbing, traveling and descent rates it is more likely to reach an average of 350 mbph, which corresponds to an avarage price per kilometer of approximately $6.74 at 200 hrs per year.

By flying 400 hrs per year, you can distribute the entire fix charge over more flying time, reducing your per milage charge to $5.09. What does it take to buy an Embraer Phenom 100? Check out our Jet Management Model Suggestion to see how much you can economize.

I' m a pilot: Third generation Embraer Phenom 100 EV light beam

Embraer's Phenom 100 EV is driven by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW317F-1E turbochargers.... Phenom 100 EV, or " evolvement " for short, has at last discarded the matron-like picture of the Phenom 100. Even though the previous version of Embraer's first custom-built commercial aircraft was spacious, robust, and dependable, it was the last of several years in comparatively low-cost lightweight competition.

Decisive for the more dynamic power is the turbocharger PW317F-1E from Pratt & Whitney Canada, which generates up to 15% more power for high take-off and take-off speeds and up to 10% more power for climbing and driving. There were no changes in the physics of the initial engines but a FADEC butterfly valve signal without changing the TBO.

High and high capacity airports are drastically enhanced. For example, if Toluca Mexico City International were to leave on a 25°C daily, a typical Phenom 100 could have four passengers flying 145 nm. On the other hand, Phenom 100 EV can carry the same load over 1,050 nm with the same airfield densities. On Friday we sat down on the seats of s.n. 381, the first Phenom 100 EV manufacturing system and the last one ever made in Brazil.

S. n. 382 and later assembly in Embraer's Melbourne, Florida. Like the latest Phenom 300 model, the EV flying wing has been equipped with the Prodigy Avionics Touch. This is Embraer Garmin G3000's Garmin G3000 model, with bigger screens and two 5.7-inch front mounted touch-screen controls that house some of the features that previously required stand-alone dashboard controls.

Combination AC and US socket has been shifted to the side panel on the far side where it provides easy accessibility for a soloist. Right and left switch cubicles inside the footrests have been fitted with darkgrey stripes of label in the form of darkgrey stripes, which are hard to see even in broad sunlight without a powerful torch.

These new 14.1-inch screens have a much better display definition than the Garmin G1000's 12.4-inch screens. Also included are Garmin's GWX70 solid-state meteorological radars with 40 nm turbo capture and noise reduction options and 3-D VAV with climbing and descending mode. Together with Luis Fernando C. Berto, our elderly demonstrator driver and teacher, we sat on the right and Rafael Menezes Ricardo, our security driver, sat on the right.

The EV's operational loads were all increased, but the plane still had a slim 381-lb. tank - full load capacity. The power of HVAC systems is one of the strengths of the Phenom 100 series. When both motors are on, we have reduced the ventilator rpm of the A/C system in less than five seconds. At the Embraer factory in Melbourne (height 33 ft.) we began the engine on a hot 28°C evening with a loading platform of 9.655 lb. and calculated our take off mass at 9.600 lb. With the valves 1 was V1 105, VR 106, V2 109 und the end fuel velocity 126 KIAS.

We' ve applied for a straight ascent to Florida 410 from Miami Center. We were vectorized several time by our controller and only stopped our ascent for very short time. In most cases we used a 180 KIAS/Mach 0. 55 climbing section. Weighing 9,049 lb. and at ISA-5°C, the plane made a 374 lb. /h 374 kg trip and burned 640 lb. /h.

Embraer's provisional scheduler forecast a maximum cruising rate of 372 km/h at 655 lb/h for an ISA-4°C OAT. Below at FL 330 and at ISA+8°C the airplane was calibrated to 860 lb/h at 401 km/h using 401 CTAS. 394 ktaz was forecast by the script while it burned 863lb/hr. Under the assumption of default daily cruising speeds, the volume forecast a cruising rate of 406 km/h.

For FL 300 the maximum cruising velocity should be 412 km/h. The maximum cruising velocity should be 412 km/h. Oh, what an upgrade over the initial Phenom 100 we flown in Brazil. The HA-420 HondaJet's almost noiseless cab, however, stays in a league of its own. So we drove back to Melbourne and passed northerly of the Melbourne International Airports a small entrance to the Runway 09L.

The VREF landingspeed was 95 KIAS with a landingspeed of 8.600 lb. We had 14 kt. side wind, but the plane flew well. The braking power of the Phenom 100 EV is still a chance for a better ride. The BCU Rev. 7, to be published in 2017, contains a series of improvements that will slow the behaviour of the brake, Embraer foresees.

Further enhancements on the roadmap are Garmin Flight Stream Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Wi-Fi connections between pilots' laptop computer and the flight electronics system, and full-width Phenom 300 fold-out passenger trays. The Phenom 100 EV celebrates its NBAA-début. He has the capability of airports with high and high speed, a higher climbing and cruising capacity and a higher tank-capacity.

Check out the NBAA Static Display at Orlando Executive Airport.

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