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Call NTL taxi reviews and complaints. Send your complaint or rating to NTL Call Taxi Customer Care. NTL Call Taxi, a powerful call taxi service in Chennai City.

Call Taxi NTL Customer Care, Complaints and Ratings

By October 9, I reserved the Ruftaxi to protect my number. Rider also not good behaviour personality. 13 km from my apartment to the nearest aerodrome. I' ve got a cab fired to the 540 AM intercontinental outbound. As soon as I woke up (0215h), I noticed that the taxi hadn't reached me, once again I phoned her and said that the taxi had been reserved from my number but wasn't connected to anybody.

I' ve made another reservation, which is 45 minutes delay to the terminal, stres. At midnight 12, the agent who answered my first call does not assign a pickup service. Attention: Do not use WALLET OF NTL, they will say that it has disappeared if you cannot use it for a few month.

This was the reason why the riders denied to take away payment because NTL didn't give them the payment earlier.... Rs 500 is charged for a trip in the ntl call taxi apple...... If you are not able to offer the right range of pallet service, then I don't know why you are making promises to them.

I' m a loyal client of your taxi company. Two years ago, when I left the company as a pensioner and senior citizen, I did not use taxi-duty. On my wallet bankroll there is still an amount of 920/- left and now I ask you to pay it back.

It' s the first tim I ever book NTL for my Mum to go to Central Train station. Operator ripped off the telephone when I was talking. Calling the chauffeur, he told me that my mum asked him to keep the baggage until the door. with Coolie the way he talked to me.

And when I phoned the help-line number. Hello, today (14 October 2016) we rented a taxi from NTL Call taxi from Chennai na to 13uthani. From there we drove to Kanchipuram and from there we went back to the city of Chennai. In total there should be 100 km + 60 km + 80 km = 240 km.

Like described above or say 250 km. but the rider has not gone until we have paid Rs.3100 (calculated for 280 km). even call center staff assisted drivers cases of cheating. On September 24, 2016 I drove from hy home to the airfield. I' m Sanjay, I traveled from the Wipro CDC guesthouse to the Chennai International Center at 24-Sept-2016 am and the invoice amount was Rs.465/- I didn't get the voucher in my email.

Today we had very terrible experiences when I was travelling with the ntl Ruftaxi in the city of Chennai. of course we had a lot of fun. When I had arrived at my goal, the taxi operator said that I should give an amount that is significantly high in comparison to other call taxi's in Chennai. However, the amount of money I had to pay was not enough. Calling the support and explaining that the event and the cc reaction are poor and this woman insists that I can't move anywhere without giving amount.

From Velachery, Chennai to Srikalahasthi, I had reserved a taxi for a round tour on 13 September. This is where the name comes from: Costumercare. Call Taxi NTL - It is not possible to rent ntl taxis in Chennai. Your application has been set up and I have accepted until February 2016 1000/ credits into theallet. is not available here.

Every time I come to the town of chennai, I have tried to use the ntl application to get taxis, but your driver always refuses to come because I have cash in my purse. I' m a regular ntl taxi passenger. yesterdays 25/07/2016. I was driving from home in Colathur (near airport) by ntl taxi to airport Changnai. I reserved the taxi for 4 people.

Arriving at the airfield, the chauffeur said to me that the device was not working, but before he entered the airfield tolling station, the chauffeur himself gave a 5* evaluation in the device. A woman was driving in an ntl taxi (indigo) towards downtown Chegulpet and suddenly the ladies sitting in the back seats began screaming about the rider who had behaved badly with her.

An adolescent who ran over the woman on a motorcycle took the taxi and put the car down and pulled the taxi over. The general assembly began questioning the rider. The female traveller opened the gate and....

I' ve loaded my purse for R1,000. 100 Balances on the purse. Twice I made a reservation via on-line reservation and I had to call and speak to our client service so that the rider would pay the ballet fee. After that, when I hire a taxi, their chauffeurs cancel my reservations when I pay with theallet.

So please return my ballet funds to your bank balance. Hi, today I book a taxi for 8:15 am, the chauffeur waits 15 min and then starts calling me names for insulting speech. Here we are to get no swearwords from your corporate drivers, we are clients and we come first to the sucess of your business and your drivers treat us badly.

Disgrace on ntl, please make sure this does not occur to any client in the near term, if that happens to me again, I will file a complaint against your organization. Tonight I book a 9-seater in a taxi... while the luggage driver's load asks for more than the taxi fee by saying that he can't take a bag because his vehicle is 10 leaks in value.... he shouted on the way and said he had to spend more or call and cancelled the reservation.....

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