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The shared ride taxi experience can be instructed. The Washington County offers two transportation services for its residents: the Shared Ride Taxi and the Washington County Commuter Express.

Taxi with shared journey - Ozaukee County Transit System

In order to schedule a visit: County Transit Services, 262-238-8108. For all other kids the students fare is the same. In order to provide the most effective possible taxi reservation services, please have all of the following information available before you call to book a taxi: Date on which you need a taxi. This is the hour you want to be collected.

This is NOT your scheduled date, please note. That'?s the kind of season you want to be collected at. If there is an agreement for an event, please let us know. Ask the dispatchers about the pick-up times the days before the trip. Shared -ride does not allow shared -ride to collect a sedated person.

To be able to offer the services, you will be asked to supply the following information: Keep in mind that we are a "shared ride taxi" company and therefore you must allow for a reasonable amount of travelling to and from your dates and allow for brief delay as others will be required to drive with you. We will make every effort to get you to your goal on schedule.

The taxi arrives as near as possible to your planned pick-up times. Ozaukee County Shared-Ride Taxi Services is a local transport programme set up by Ozaukee County and run under the county administration. Excursions with the taxi should be agreed in beforehand. Shared ride taxi services use limousines and handicapped transporters.

Please make this enquiry when you call if you require a special transporter suitable for wheelchairs. All Ozaukee County Shared Ride travellers are required to act and conduct themselves reasonably while using taxiing. County Ozaukee Transit County Ltd. has no toleration for improper conduct. In the event that a person becomes insulting, threatened or otherwise unregulated, County of Ozaukee shall have the right to discontinue the use of the Shared RideTaxi or to take any other action for a period of such period as may permanently cease the use of the Shared RideTaxi of County of Ozaukee.

The decision as to the type of sanction or the duration of the suspension shall be taken at the discretion of the Transit Director. Every passenger must be prepared and wait for the pick-up. When you are collected from a government or healthcare institution, such as a foster home, you must wait in the advocacy area.

The taxi driver goes no further than the collection or return home advocacy area of a particular edifice. Taxi driver waits up to three mins. Taxi is not in a position to fulfil transit wishes. Food, drink or smoke is forbidden in the taxi. If you no longer require a service, please do so at least one full hour prior to cancellation.

If there is a no-show, all performances for that date will be rejected. In areas where entrances or streets are not free of road surfaces, maintenance cannot be carried out. 24 hours in advance for the Washington County transfers.

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