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Taxicab za 88,- K? po Pardubicích. Tipps - Photos 1st Pier 88 Taxi Line. The 88 Taxi is located at 214 Chambersbridge Road, BRICK 08723, United States. She can be called at 7329209088.

88 Manhattan Woman is killed in a taxi.

Almost 16 hrs after starting his shifts at the helm of a local taxi, a rider hit and kills an 88-year-old female as she crosses an Upper Manhattan right-of-way early Sunday night, a policeman said. Salifu Abubkar, 73, stayed at the crime scenes and informed the detectives that he had started to drive the day before at 9 a.m., according to a policeman who asked for anonymous information while talking about an ongoing inquiry.

Accident took place on Sunday at 12:42pm on 1079th St, said cops. Luisa Rosario's wife's assassination came amid a flood of road deaths in New York City that began last Saturday with the deaths of three individuals, among them a 10-year-old young lady and her grandpa, who were hit by an out-of-control car while trying to treat her in the Bronx.

At least eight persons have lost their lives in road accidents since then, almost all on foot, an uncommon group in a year in which the total number of such fatalities has decreased. Police said that 104 walkers had been killed in accidents this year to Thursday, the most recent date for which stats were available, compared with 113 in the same previous year's timeframe.

It has also seen a decrease in the number of road casualties in the last two years, as the government of Mayor Bill de Blasio has pledged to bring such casualties to zero, a target that public servants have said is intended to underline the avoidable natures of many road ailments.

Policing does not contain the deaths of Mrs Rosario or the three others who have been dead since Thursday. Ms. Rosario went southwards along Columbus Avenue when she walked into the zebra crossing on West 109th Street, about a blocks from her house, and had the right of way, the cops said.

Mr Abubkar, who had a go-ahead as he travelled southwards on the alley, turned right at road 109 and beat it, the cops said. Killed to the floor and subsequently killed in St Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, St Luke's Hospital, said law enforcement. Mr. Abubkar, an experienced taxi cabbie of more than 26 years, said to the officer after the accident that although he had begun his Saturday night shifts at 9 am, he had taken a break during the working hours, the policeman said.

It is forbidden for taxi riders to drive more than 12 successive hrs within 24 hrs, said Allan Fromberg, a spokesperson for the taxi and limousine commission. By using cookie and similar technology, we can help you identify your repeated visitors and preferences, gauge the efficiency of our advertising campaign, and analyse your visitor behavior.

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