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Such one-way flights are referred to as empty routes and offer an exceptional opportunity to save money. The Linx Jet Card offers an incredible private travel experience time and again. Often, one-way flights are available at a significant discount to customers whose itineraries are compatible with the routing of an available empty-haul flight. Void en-route flights - also known as "empty routes" or "one-way charter flights" - have become increasingly popular in the world of private air travel. The use of empty legs to meet your travel needs requires maximum flexibility.

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Void leg flies are saving a lot of money. Often, one-way travel is available at a significant rebate for customers whose itineraries are compliant with the route guidance of an available empty-haul itinerary. Those services are available only when an unschartered aeroplane needs to be transferred. The number of available empty-haul routes changes every day.

Please use the enquiry at the bottom of this page to register if you would like to be informed by e-mail when a new empty aircraft becomes available at Journey Aviation. Complete the following information to obtain information about available empty seats.

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When you are looking for travel saving on your personal jets charters, you may consider using idle time. An empty en-route is a one-way operation that has been departing from a passenger and is required to make a one-way plane comeback. Significant cost reductions are achieved when you book a returned trip on an empty route.

Nowadays, because of the popularity of personal jets, there are literally hundred of empty planes to chose from. The Charterjet crew will work to find the best possible aircraft for you, with a timetable to suit your needs. Just give us a call and we will be glad to reserve you one of our pre-planned empty cross-country trips.

Void en-route services provide significant cost saving for travellers as the returning service is void and at the same serving as a "green" alternative with large reductions in terms of petrol and airfare. By using full, airplane capacity, these economies contribute to the environmental and GHG emission benefits. Travellers all want to conserve cash, so making an empty trip can bring both financial and social benefits.

Reduced costs and better value of using empty leg jets make these services attractive to a broad spectrum of travellers. Our convcierge services and airline staff work to ensure that every journey is designed to the highest levels of comfort and convenience. Whether internationally or nationally, single or multi-level, we provide a tailor-made solutions for every need of privat jets.

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