I want a Private Jet

l want a private jet.

In your schedule, you can fly anywhere you want. Eating is literally everything you want, as long as you discuss it with your flight handler beforehand. So, you want to buy a private jet? Everyone who often relishes the radiant luxuries of private air travel has undoubtedly wondered at one point or another what it would be like to have their own plane. At times it's already the first thing on board their jet - their favourite show already on TV, their favourite food on the menue - sometimes it's just a few nights, even a few months after a private plane ride that the dwelling performance supernaturally forces them to google just to see what it actually takes to realise their flying ambitions.

In between the whimsical sentence of finance and the plethora of federated prescriptions (not to speak of exoteric technology and the language of aviation), the purchase - and, just as importantly, servicing - of one's own plane can be more like the creation of a small second company than the purchase of a large, costly material good. With over 25 years in the trade, the aircraft service group knows everything about the purchase, operation and servicing of private jets - and we are there for you.

So, if you usually type "buy a jet" in Searchbars later in the morning, don't hesitate to contact us; our staff of seasoned pilot, qualified service technician, expert dispatchers and concierge as well as finance experts are on call to help you develop a tailor-made, complete policy for you, tailor-made to the last whim of the aspirants.

Do you know the "family tree" of your level? Similar to buying for one of man's best friend, it is important to know the "pedigree" of your prospective new airplane. It'?s about service lifetimes. In particular, you know which stage of the service life your future airplane is in, as heavier objects usually occur due to calendars and use, and cause large fluctuations in the value of single airplanes, even if they are exactly the same one.

Onto a related remark, if you do your research, don't ever suppose you know for sure how much another customer was paying for a similar tract. However, the fellowship of airplane purchasers and vendors may be relatively small, but it is still hard to get precise information about past airplane deals. Regardless of who you buy your airplane from or how well you know it (you think), pass a pre-sales check - and a 145 certificated service dock.

Recent changes in taxation legislation may, in particular, encourage the acquisition of an airplane, but as with any larger assets or assets, adequate pre-acquisition budgeting must be carried out in order to maximise the benefits. Make yourself a favour and make an appointement with an air traffic control lawyer (we have several surgeries to which we can direct you).

In order to get the most out of your airplane, you must be committed to long-term vision. Buying such an airplane means being patience and wait for the right airplane, at the right cost, at the right time of the service life. However, after the sale, this means working with a managing firm that hires a committed staff of aeronautical accountants who can provide you with a complete operational budgeting, financial reporting and annual forecast.

Everyone who says that you can actually make cash by renting your aircraft is full of sh....elled groundnuts. Find a managementship with its own charters distribution, whose only task will be to keep your aircraft in the sky - and generate revenues - if you don't use it yourself.

For more information on how we can help you meet your private air travel needs - be it the sale of aircraft, helicopters or an individual property scheme - please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the enquiry details at the bottom of this page.

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