Taxi for 10 People

Taxicab for 10 persons

Airport private transfer with BookTaxiBarcelona. Maxi taxis are a good option for larger groups, as they can accommodate up to 11 persons. To book your London taxi, click here.

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So I wonder if anyone knows of a firm that uses delivery trucks that can pick us all up? I hope ArubaLisa will play - I know that she once provided a hyperlink for a money remittance agency like that.

It wasn't a coach, it was smaller, but I think it would take so many people. Sonny Binns has a travel agent licence, so unlike a taxi he can accomodate more than 5 persons. In July we used it for the transport of our 6-person familiy to the airports in a single car.

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Low priced 10-seater minibus rental

We have a legal top statutory cruising rate for vans driving on British highways. A two-lane road has a 60mph top allowable velocity, while on a motorway the rider cannot exceed 70mph. As far as safety harnesses are concerned, the Act stipulates that the rider and all passenger must use them at all hours.

Kids whose body size drops below 135 cm at the moment of the journey must carry childrens shackles in supplement to the normal seatbelts.

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So where am I gonna see our chauffeur? Once you have collected your baggage and passed through custom checks, please go to the arrivals lounge at the international airports. Drivers wait with a label with your name on it. By showing them the coupon delivery that you have recieved by post, please make sure you are identified; the chauffeur will accompany you to your car.

Drivers wait at the front desk of the hotels. When you start from a home location, please make sure that you are on the road at the times indicated at the reservation. pausecontent [cnti++]=' I have reserved 2 airport to airport and 2 airport to airport transfer. Servicing was PERFEKT. I' m really happy and I will strongly advise her to others.

Pausecontent [cnti++]=' Very good app. and I' m afraid it won't show up. Taxi arrived on schedule, the taxi was very friendly and took me very efficient to the taxiport. Altogether, good, dependable services, very recommendable................................................. Pausecontent [cnti++]=' Great Host.

It was an extremely simple website to use, the on-line employees were very supportive and responsive and the drivers were very supportive........ pausecontent [cnti++]=' I was very satisfied with your services as a first-user. A taxi to the aerodrome was already awaiting me in the early mornings.

It was a big, neat and glossy vehicle and the rider was professionally amiable. Thank you! "Break-free[cnti+++]=' Great customer care, very kind temporary operator. pausecontent [cnti++]=' Great support from both driving devices. About our journey to Barcelona. Servicing was outstanding. The taxi waits for us outside and returns with a very nice, supportive taxi attendant.

Surely we will use your business again and advise you to anyone who is looking for a taxi business. Pausecontent [cnti++]=' I strongly suggest this one. He was punctual and even waiting a few moments for us when we were too late because my clock had run out of work.

It was a fast ride to the aerodrome and you felt absolutely secure in this taxi. Break content[cnti++]=' was very professionally, friendly, accurate the whole wait. I and my 8 buddies recommend all. Thanks to cntaxi we will use you again safely...'; Break content[cnti++]=' Great stand. Driver was on schedule and the vehicle was as specified.

I' m sure I would suggest it to others, too. pausecontent [cnti++]=' Took a big taxi to get four people plus baggage from the centre of Barcelona to the international airports. Auto clear, comfortable, helpful drivers. So the few additional Euro we have spent for the chauffeur are a good value to make sure that we are on schedule for our long distance flights...'; pausecontent[cnti++]=' Very happy with your chauffeurery.

pausecontent [cnti++]=' The vehicle reached the agreed upon destination at the agreed upon moment. It was a nice ride, the drivers were very comfortable. Wouldn't be able to rebook the same services at any given moment............................................. pausecontent [cnti++]=' One single words. Because of some problems our plane was more than an hours late at Barcelona International but this man was just awesome without complaining.

Everything was great - good vehicle, punctual, good chauffeur. He was punctual, very friendly and supportive (his name was Mr Alvarez). Well, I was very pleased with the services. The Barcelona taxi services were very professionally. Riders were punctual and were awaiting us.

So I would suggest this kind of support and will use it again!....'; pausecontent[cnti++]=' Outstanding, dependable, extreme timely work. Professionally and kindly driven. I wish we had a great home based experience!....'; pausecontent[cnti++]=' We were very satisfied with our experience. All our chauffeurs were prompt (even early), very kind and well composed.

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