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There were five of us recently in the Phoenix/Glendale area for the NCAA Final Four and one night was happy to stumble across this limousine service. Phoenix Arizona Cab Service and Taxi, Taxi and Car Service Offers. Transport to and from the airport - Airport transfer - Airport pick-up - Airport tax

Do not take unlawful taxi rides or "gypsy taxis". This is an unlicensed illicit taxi. You may not comply with Arizona Weights and Measures and may not have travel cover. Unlawful driver's cabs do not have a label with the actual year, which is clearly indicated in the rear windows.

Most likely they will not have their tariffs clearly imprinted on the outside of the vehicle. Just like a regular automobile. As a rule, unlawful taxi riders will contact you and ask you for a taxi ticket in exchange for a contribution. When you discover an unlawful taxi, you should lodge a claim on the Arizona Weights and Measures website.

Prior to your chauffeur starting your journey, ask for a quote so you can see if you have enough money to cover the ticket price and give a tip. When you are planning to make payments by either your bank account or your debtor' s bank account, ask if the car is equipped with a working memory device.

When you book a taxi on-line or by telephone, you should request a quote and search for a work ticket engine before ordering the taxi. When you' re new to the region, you can use your mobile device or maps to find the quickest way to your destinations, so you can avoid taxi riders deliberately taking longer routes.

When you are a native and know a faster itinerary, do not delay telling the rider. Taxi riders will usually know a great deal about the area, don't be scared to ask for the best restaurants or shops. When you will soon be using a taxi in this area again, you can ask for the driver's name to see if you liked travelling with him.

In this way you can ask for the same taxi when booking another taxi. Taxi riders make most of their living with gratuities. Perhaps if the rider was particularly polite - perhaps they were helping with pockets or giving local advices - you should tip more. However, if the cab or the operator was uncomfortable, you may tip less.

When you get a taxi from Phoenix to Sky Harbor International you should ask for firm prices. The majority of taxi companies provide airfares. It is also a great option for those who often need to get to and from the airports. As a rule, there are always cabs outside the area.

In your timetable, you should allow yourself plenty of free space for delayed stops, especially if you are travelling to the airports or have an appointment. Occasionally taxis may be delayed or there may be an unforeseen hold-up. When you are concerned about being too late, you should ask your chauffeur for lateness that could cause trouble.

The North America Car Service offers free offers and information about taxi service in Phoenix.

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