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"Sri Lanka has two airfields on paper." Rajapaska Mattala International, the international aerodrome without airplanes

It was another bustling working afternoon at Mattala Rajapaska lnternational Airfield. When an airplane goes into an empty airfield, does it make a noise? Sri Lanka has two major internation airfields on paper. Bandaranaike, one, has long been firmly in place and is about 20 nautical miles outside the Colombo area. By 2014, according to the Sri Lankan Civil Aviation Authority, there were over 55,000 aircraft movements, carrying nearly 200,000 tons of cargo and most of the 8 million passenger population.

That makes it pretty bustling for a one-way hub. For example, about a ten year ago the administration of Mahinda Rajapaska (2005-15) approved the construction of a second internal hub to reduce the pressures on Bandaranaike. When Ballyhooed was chosen as a greenhouse field development and as an occasion to showcase the skills of the local Sri Lankan engineering team, the second aircraft was constructed to stringent internal aviation standard under the guidance of the IAC.

5 billion Sri Lanka rupee per year in debts to its debtors in China. Near the planned Hambotota Sport City, which will be the site for Sri Lanka's 2018 Commonwealth Games tender, the Hambotota Sport City site was seen as a catalyser for the economical renewal of a rural area known to Sri Lankans as the native land of the legendary Henry V, Dutugemunu (161 B.C. - 137 B.C.), a Sinhala kingdom.

Bandaranaike SWRD, founding father of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and prime minister from 1956-59, passed away in prison, murdered by a Buddhist friar. Maybe influenced by this traditional, the Rajapaska administration chose to name the new terminal after another powerful Sri Lanka ruling family: his own. Previous anti-pollution schemes included transforming Weerawila Air Base into an internationally important aviation centre (Weerawila is not only in Hambotota, but also in the President's birthplace).

It would have retained a variant of its old name. However, the choice of a new site created Mattala Rajapaska lnternational Airports (MRIA). During the completion of the terminal, which for the most part took place prematurely and in an impressive manner, the assessments of the attractiveness for foreign guests were extremely upbeat. The MRIA, like the crows flying, is nearer to many Sri Lankan resorts than Bandaranaike - but due to the missing traffic connection it is an unlikely goal for foreign tourists.

It was inaugurated in March 2013, a great event in which the President himself was a guest on the formal plane to the airports bearing his surname. Air Arabia, one of the few multinational airlines that had registered in anticipation of the arrival at the destination, completed the flights less than two month later.

A Airbus A330-200 on the airstrip, back when it still appeared from time to time. By 2014, 69 tons of cargo and almost 21,000 passenger movements had taken place at the airports, which together required less than 3,000 aircraft. And yes, these numbers are definitely correct.) These numbers indicate that it has not reduced the Bandaranaike printing at all.

Soon after President Rajapaska dropped his offer for re-election in January 2015 (just short of defeating the former Maithripala Sirisena), the SriLankan Airlines flagged Rajapaska International. Currently Fly Dubai operates a unique aircraft in MRIA every morning - but this goes for Bandaranaike, no matter which way it goes.

Rotana, the Abu Dhabu-based carrier, also brings a plane to the Abu Dhabu International Airports once a month. In anecdotal terms, it seems popular to say that Rajapaska is a great destination in many ways; well landscaped, appealing and user-friendly. It' not hard to get the babbling class to speak about MRIA. There are also stories about the elephant migrating through the airport's airstrip at the most inconvenient times because they were accidentally built along a route used by generation of very traditional thinking pachyderm (pass).

A number of viewers are willing to give the former presidency the advantage of uncertainty by seeing the airfield as an effort to give something back to the impoverished area in which he grew up, an honourable undertaking that has been run down by circumstances, or an effort to leave a tangible heritage that is not linked to the country's long and horrible living years.

There is still a long way to go before MRIA becomes as famous as Kiri Muhuda, a 19th centuries freshwater reservoir. Rajapasaka could have a certain amount of potential. However, such national use will not be sufficient to ensure the long-term welfare of a large multinational city.

There has to be an officer somewhere in the Sri Lankan administration, as I am certainly not the first to suggest, who thinks: how to resolve a situation like MRIA? Only one of the many interesting viaducts you will find in Teesside. I' ll have to begin with a disclaimer: I'm not going to write this from anywhere in Teesside.

I get well-payed here to do a work that doesn't really work in Teesside. It won't be an easy thing - I hope to show my respect to Stockton, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool and my home country Billingham - but Teesside is not a very uncomplicated place. Teesside's still here, no matter where you pull the cord.

No matter how it may sound to you, Tesside still speaks. Across a United Kingdom chart, the island of Tesside is an island of civilization between the Dales and the ocean. We are sorry about the destruction of the teesside plant and mocked because we blamed the EU for it (although, of course, it was the sabotage of our own government's efforts to obstruct the EU's efforts to put China's iron in a dump, which this blade pushed into it).

Be a little uneasy about all the things labeled after Cook (though the Endeavour reproduction on Stockton Riveride is impressing regardless of your thoughts about its skipper - and it's the best you'll see until you find out if you've found the right one). Walk in Middlesbrough's flourishing students' and hipsters' neighborhood on Linthorpe RoadD - although Teesside University was a punch line in my teens, it has become a prestigious university.

Roasted cockerel, cabbage dressing and cheeses make your own tea cake. Just pretend Saltburn's somehow in the Teesside while you enjoy the views. The natural world co-exists with the industrial world on Tesside. Teeesside has a lot to do.

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