Executive Jet Services

The Executive Jet Services

Major executive private aviation companies cite the significant time savings achieved by using the service as the main reason. Full-service permanent operations, an in-house maintenance provider and a private on-demand charter based at Orlando-Melbourne International Airport. Board Executive Jet Services, LLC, recherche d'entreprise et information d'investissement. In Southern California, our team of experienced technicians offers airframe maintenance services for almost every type of aircraft. A subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, NetJets Inc.

is an American company that sells fractional ownership to private jets.

Today, EJM stands for values deep embedded in a safe and secure environment and a commitment to excellence.

Today, EJM stands for values deep embedded in a safe and secure environment and a commitment to excellence. EJM is about how the EJM experts' deep passions and aerospace knowledge are transformed into high-performance parts that make sure your personal aerospace adventure is as safe and dependable as possible.

EJM's strong dedication to ensuring the highest levels of customer assurance and protection leads to flawless records of customer assurance and external auditing agencies' acceptance of the establishment and overstepping of stringent sector-specific assurance levels. EJM's extensive set of vulnerability programmes is backed by internal resources, guidelines and processes to help assure continuous improvements.

The EJM goes beyond that to keep you, your customers and your plane safely at all time. The EJM√Ęs staff of nearly 850 high qualified, skilled and seasoned aerospace professionals is the most committed and professional recognised group of privately owned aerospace professionals in the world. Committed and ardent EJM agents are on call around the clock to help you wherever you are or whenever a need occurs.

Being an EJM customer, you work directly with your own owners or your own yacht charters service teams and always get the maximum of specialised attentiveness and reactivity. EJM is a fully owned affiliate of NetJets, a Berkshire Hathaway Group member, and has the world' s biggest privately held aerospace network and unrivalled aerospace capabilities.

This resource allows EJM to bring together the industry's most gifted and enthusiastic aerospace pros, developing advanced technology and investing in award-winning and cutting-edge programmes for personal use. The EJM offers long-term reliability with a trusted airplane maintenance vendor who will continue to be there for you in the years to come. All this together forms the basis that EJM needs to make the EJM Experience a real thing.

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