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He bought a Boeing 767-200 wide-body jet (range - 9400 km). BUSINESS JET 2 (BBJ 2) LONG-HAUL BUSINESS JET. The cab is larger than its predecessor, but with a smaller range. BBJ designates the business jets based on the 737 Series aircraft. This is the smallest member of the BBJ MAX family.

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MAX7: The Boeing Commercial Aircraft range are variations of Boeing commercial aircraft for the commercial aircraft industry. Boeing Commercial Airplanes and GE Aviation have entered into a 50/50 agreement for the Boeing Commercial Airplanes family. BBJ designates the commercial aircraft powered by the 737 Family. The Boeing Commercial Aircraft range also includes configuration for intercontinental 777, 787 and 747-8 aircraft, known as 777 VP, 787 VP and 747-8 VP.

Boeing BBJ is primarily a 737 passenger aircraft cell with modification for privately operated jets. A 737-700 cell with 737-800 features is the base of the model 7J1. BBJ2 and BBJ3 are built on the 737-800 and 737-900ER family. BBJ, or more rarely, the BBJ1, is built on the 737-700 and was the foundation for the 737-700ER.

The BBJ2 is built on the 737-800. The BBJ3 is built on the 737-900ER. The 747 VIP: 747-8 on behalf of the Boeing Business Jet Divison. The aircraft has a range of 9,260 nm (17,150 km). B777 777 VIP: B777 b777 777 vip: b777 business jet on behalf of Boeing Business Jet Divison. This is a modification of the 777-200LR and the Boeing 777X with a range of 10,100 nm (18,700 km).

The 787 VIP: Passenger jet 787-8/-9 on behalf of the Boeing Business Jet Divison. Der -8 has a range of 9,955 nm (18,437 km) and the -9 a range of 9,500 nm (17,594 km).

Head & VIP

It is in addition to the winglet systems that are mounted on 2 blended[this is the right number of C-32As] US administration Sondermission 757-200s. PrivatAir, which already operates BLT on its BBJ and 757-200, is the world's first VIP 767-300ER to order BLT for deployment in mid-2009.

Often flying longer sector flights than typically airlines configure, these planes are perfect candidate to take advantage of blended winglet technology. For Boeing 737s, LED winglet retreats are also tangible increases in efficiency for customers with lost business. Currently, the world blended winglet upgrades for both VIP and head-of-state performance are around 25 757-200, 5 767-300ER and 25 737 Next Generation and Classic platforms.

To learn more about how to upgrade your personal, state or corporate jet with the groundbreaking range-extending Blended Winglet Technology, please call Gary Dunn at EBACE in Geneva May 20-22 (display range #1060 or airframe: 206-310-2904).

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