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Taxi fare - was I attacked? - My Key West Forum

Taxi fare - was I attacked? Speaking for protocol, the (low) costs of a taxi to a few locations far exceed the costs, times and effort of having a vehicle in Key West; I know that. Taxi from/to airports to/from my B&B. When I saw the "zone" for the airfield transfers, I saw that my "zone" was in the $8.25 area ( one passenger).

By the time I got to/from there, my trade show was between $12 and $14. Saying nothing and still giving a neat tip, I wonder if I've been tricked a few dolars or if I'm going to miss or throw in another load I didn't know about. They were the "pink" taxis and, for the record, they were very friendly......just asking if I was mad or not?

Taxi ticket prices - was I cheated?? hucilee, if you had seen all the stickers, you would have seen that "Single Fare" is on the counter, not on a set rate for a area. No cheating - Key West is a divided drive town, which means that different travellers travelling to different places can split a taxi.

Individual tariffs are always "on the meter". I am not the "pink" taxis, I am another firm, but we all work together to make one of the best taxi fleet in the world. The Key West taxis are perhaps the best offer on the rocks! I' ve got the best taxi ride of all where I' ve been, with one except one that occurs to me in KW.

The last time I was there in February, I think the package price was $7.50 per capita, from the nearest taxi station. Taxi rides - was I cheated? If I' m alone there, I'm happy to make it from the airfield to Pier House for $20.00, taxi money and tips.

Straight ot of curious on this last journey I aced the chauffeur if he would boot me for two folks, $7.50 x 2 instead of placing me on the clock. However, to this degree single men and women tend to be paid more per capita than two or more men and women. Actually single persons can afford more than 2+ persons.

Taxi prices - was I robbed?? Taxi prices - was I robbed??

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