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executive jet

Business jet, private jet or Bizjet, or simply B.J., is a jet aircraft designed to transport small groups of people.

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Commercial jet, personal jet or bicjet, or just B.J.,[1] is a jet airplane developed for transportation of small groups of passengers. Corporate jet aircrafts can be modified for other tasks, such as evacuating injured persons or expresspackages, and some are used by civil servants, governments or the army.

From 1957 to 1978, 204 planes were built, driven by four 3,300 pound (15 kN) Pratt & Whitney JT12 turbos, then Garrett TFE731 turbos for a 44,500 pound (20. 2 t) TTOW, then two General Electric CF700 turbos. Its smaller, 17,760 pound (8,06 t) version, the American Sabreliner was first flown on September 16, 1958.

Driven by two Pratt & Whitney JT12 turbines, then Garrett TFE731, more than 800 units were manufactured from 1959 to 1982. MTOW British Aerospace 125 was first flown on August 13, 1962, propelled by two Armstrong Siddeley Viper turbo-jets of 3,000 lbs (13 kN). Garrett TFE731 then Pratt & Whitney Canada PW300 turbocharger was used.

Nearly 1,700 airplanes were built between 1962 and 2013, after being sold as the Hawker 800. Aero Commander's 23,500 pound (10,7 t) MTOW IAI Westwind first flown on January 27, 1963, driven by two General Electric CJ610 turbines, then Garrett's TFE731. MOTW Dassault's 29,000 pound (13 t) Falcon 20 first flown on May 4, 1963, propelled by two General Electric CF700s, then Garrett ATF3 turbo fans and Garrett TFE731.

On 7 October 1963, the first lightweight jet was flown for the first time: the Learjet 23. Driven by two 2,850 pound (12. 7 kN) General Electric CJ610 forces, the 12,500 pound (5. 7 t) MTOW meets the requirements of FAR Part 23. MOTW Hamburger Flugzeugbau HFB 320 Hansa Jet, first flown on April 21, 1964, propelled by two General Electric CJ610, 47, was produced between 1965 and 1973.

Piaggo-Douglas hinge, 18,000 lbs (8. 2 t) MOTW Piaggio PD.808 first flown on August 29, 1964, propelled by two Armstrong Siddeley Vipers, 24 were manufactured for the Italian Air Forces. The first large commercial jet, the 65,500 pound (29,7 t) MTOW Grumman Gulfstream II, propelled by two 11,400 pound (51 kN) Rolls-Royce Spey turboprop fans, took to the air on October 2, 1966.

On September 15, 1969, the 11,850 pound (5,38 t) Cessna Citation I aircraft flown for the first time, driven by two 2,200 pound (9,8 kN) Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D turbo fans. This 40,000 pound (18 t) PTOW aircraft is propelled by three 3,700 pound (16 kN) TFE731 aircraft. Meanwhile, the 43,000-48,000 pound (20-22 t) heavy General Electric CF34 vehicle (MTOW), usually driven by two 9,200 pound (41 kN) General Electric CF34 aircraft, the base of the Global Express long-range aircraft and Bombardier CRJs.

May 30, 1979 saw the launch of the 22,000 pound (10. 0 t) pure MTOW Cessna Citation III with two 3,650 pound (16. 2 kN) TFE731 based on the bigger Citation X. The Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond made its maiden voyage on August 29, 1978. A 16,100 pound (7.3 t) MTOW jet was propelled by two 2,900 pound (13 kN) JT15D engines.

Two TFE731 3,500 lbs (16 kN) drive the 21,500 lbs (9,8 t). Driven by two 2,300 lbs (10 kN) Williams FJ44, the 12,500 lbs (5.7 t) Beechcraft Premier I Leichtjet made its maiden voyage on December 22, 1998. Driven by two 8,800 lbs (39.2 kN) Rolls-Royce AE 3007s, the 50,000 lbs (22.5 t) aircraft took off on 31 March 2001.

Weighing 38,850 lbs (17,62 t), the plane is propelled by two 6,825 lbs (30,36 kN) HTF7000s. Its first very lightweight jet, the 5,950 pound (2,70 t) MTOW Eclipse 500, was launched on August 26, 2002, propelled by two 900 pound (4,0 kN) Pratt & Whitney Canada PW600s.

This was followed by the 8,645 pound (3,921 t) MTOW Cessna Citation Mustang on April 23, 2005, driven by two 1,460 pound (6,5 kN) Pratt & Whitney Canada PW600s and a production of more than 450 units. This 10,500 pound (4,75 t) MTOW aircraft is propelled by two 1,600 pound (7,2 kN) Pratt & Whitney Canada PW600 aircraft.

Although the early Lockheed Jetstar had four, most serial commercial jet liners have two power plants, mostly a rear-mounted podfan. The Dassault Falcon still manufactures three-engine versions based on the Falcon 50, and several single-engine versions such as the Cirrus SF50 have been introduced to the very lightweight jet segment. Air traffic control units are company-owned operations that administer the airplane of a particular enterprise.

The Ford Motor Company, Chrysler and Altria are just a few example of a company that owns, maintains and operates its own personal jet fleets for its people. Air traffic control units take care of all operational and servicing issues. The United States applies the FAR 91 operational regulations to FABAs. Charters own or administer jet fleets for several customers.

Just like the conventional air traffic divisions, the charters take care of all facets of air traffic and servicing. It manages airplanes for a personal or corporate ownership and also handles the sale of available flying hours on the airplane it owns or manages. Servicing can also be provided, typical on-site or portable repairs, larger and smaller periodic inspection routines, help with off-base fault rectification, installations and repairs of avionic systems, powerplant and batteries servicing, internal modification and refurbishing, IA inspection unit (IA) skilled surveyors, vehicle design and budget forecasting, servicing data sheet adherence, inventory control, accounting and administration, commercial jet purchase engineering surveys, rental contracts and cancellations, and Part 91 or Part Small scale repairs, Part 91 or Part Small scale lease cancellations.

From 1996 onwards, the concept of fractal jet has been used in the context of corporate jets belonging to a syndicate of undertakings. Fractions of property in aeroplanes concern an entity or company which makes a capital payment in advance for the costs of an aeroplane. When four partners are present, one party would be paying a third of the plane fare (a 'quarter share').

He now owns the plane and can dispose of the capital if required. In addition, this will entitle the new owners to a certain number of flying lessons with this plane or a similar plane in the group. The Compass Call electronics assault system on the EC-37B's NC-37B range-based CAEW 550 CAEW plane, and will be modifying others for Australia's AISREW programme, Northrop Grumman suggests the G-550 for the J-Stars Recap;

Diessault Aviation designed the multi-purpose aircraft Falcon 900 MPA and Falcon 2000 Maritime Multirole Aircraft for France (which delay the Avsimar requirement), South Korea and the Japanese Coast Guard with a missions system designed with Lufthansa Technik's third party companies Avsimar and Thales Group; Embraer supplied several EMB-145s as a base for AEW&C, MPA and Multi-Intelligence; the Beechcraft King Air 350ER is a base for ISR variants, among them Lufthansa Technik's Spyder II and Sierra Nevada Corp.

You can categorize your company's jet by how large it is. VLJ (Very-Lightweight Jet ) is a rating launched by the publication of the Eclipse 500,[19][20][21] on December 31, 2006 and initially available for approximately $1.5 million, less expensive than current corporate aircraft and similar to turbo-prop aircraft. Eclipse Aviation was not able to maintain its current operating mode, and in February 2009 it declared itself bankrupt.

Since the introduction of the Learjet 23 in the early 1960', lightweight jetliners have been an integral part of the corporate jet age. planes of this class: The planes are designed for longer term journeys such as trans-continental journeys and for journeys with greater demand for passengers. planes of this class:

Supermedium quality jet engines are characterised by large cab room, high height suitability, velocity and long outreach. Combining trans-atlantic capabilities with the velocity and convenience of a wide-body jet at high altitudes, these planes are designed to be used in a variety of airplanes. planes of this class: Long haul jet included: Bizliners can be commissioned as bizliners. 35 ]Aircraft transformed into corporate jetliners are used by sport or VIP crews with a large following or media groups.

It can be the most costly kind of personal jet as it offers the largest room and the greatest possibilities. planes of this class: Hop up "Hitch A License With A Pilot". Skip up to: a by Graham Warwick (22 December 2017). "When new models come onto the shelves, where can business aviation continue?

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