Taxi Price Barcelona Airport to City Centre

Price Taxi Barcelona Airport to City Centre

Directions from Barcelona airport to Barcelona city centre. When you fly to Barcelona airport, there is a high probability that you will have to travel to the city centre of Barcelona - be it just for the transfers to your hotels, be it just as a stopover for another trip or as your last vacation goal. The journey from the airport Barcelona to the city centre is relatively fast and easy.

This page contains a brief overview of the available transfers with a link to more detailled pages for each means of transportation. The detail pages contain information on travelling time, frequency, price, luggage capacity and capacity. When you don't know Spanish and are not familiar with Barcelona bookings, a personal airport shuttle is an optional extra.

After booking you will be met by someone who will pick you up at Barcelona airport and take you to your accommodation. You will find 2 left below, according to whether you only want to go to your accommodation or to places outside Barcelona. From Barcelona Airport (BCN) to your accommodation (private transfer).

Airport Barcelona (BCN) to Barcelona destination (private transfer). It is possible to book your place for a mini bus shuttle from Barcelona airport to your accommodation or back. Please be aware that this is not a personal bus for your own group, but that the van will be divided with other people.

Mini-Transfer:: From BCN Barcelona airport to/or from your own BCN Barcelona airport hotels. Various busses run from Barcelona airport to the city centre. Aerobus, the airport express coach, is more costly than the regular Barcelona TMB coach, but also more roomy and frequency. The Barcelona Airport offers coach connections to the city centre of Barcelona.

Barcelona Airport Expressway Airport Buss. The TMB shuttle service from the city centre to the airport. Overnight busses (NitBus N17 and N16) from the city centre to the airport. Barcelona airport trains depart twice an hours to the city centre of Barcelona. The EstaciĆ³ Sants is also useful if you need to take a plane or shuttle to other parts of Spain.

Each of the three stops is also useful if you want to take the metro to different parts of the city. Taxi's from Barcelona airport take about 20-25 min to get to the city centre of Barcelona and 25-30 min from T1. If you are traveling alone or in pairs, you can just as easily take the Airport Expressway coach (Aerobus) - it will take the same amount of your own free journey to get to the city and is much less expensive than a taxi.

If you are traveling in a large group, however, a taxi ride may be as inexpensive as an aerobus ride. It is important to note that in the case of taxi services, additional charges are levied for weekend, overnight, party, airport or terminal pick-up or drop-off trips.

At the end of the journey, the taxi drivers enter the extra charges into the display. When you travel to Barcelona Airport to travel by cruiser, you must get to the Barcelona Pier at the foot of the Ramblas. Amazingly, there are no straight airport to pier connections (Barcelona cruises terminals).

This is why many locals just decide to take a taxi to the dock. But if you are looking for less expensive transportation, the jetty is relatively within walking distance once you are in the centre of Barcelona. From Barcelona jetty to Barcelona airport. There is a large number of airport to Barcelona city centre and in general the airport is quite comfortable.

Arriving at Barcelona airport there are plenty of possibilities that can make it a bit baffling in the hustle and bustle. A number of different things have to be considered - how many travelers you have, how much baggage you have, how much time you have and how much cash you are willing to pay.

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