Will and Woody

And Will and Woody

A comedy duo: radio, podcasts and videos https://twitter.com/willandwoody. Crude and unsalted, Will & Woody have given us their word: They promise to make a "real attempt" on the car radio. Will and Woody's latest tweets (@willandwoody).

A comedy duo: radio, podcasts and videos https://t.co/VplXBALGGs.

William and Woody (

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And Will and Woody

The prime time broadcaster is no stranger to Will & Woody, and by 2018 the band has made more Aussie giggle since taking over the helm of the National Drive Show on the KIIS Network. Will and Woody are supplied with the KIIS National Drive from their hometown Melbourne after four amazing years in Perth when they woke up the West Coast with their contagious people.

Will & Woody's first year as a nationalist exceeded valuations in Sydney and Adelaide Drive. In 2012, Will and Woody began airing and were listened to nationwide on 2Day FM week-end breakfasts and throughout Hit Network as they filled in.

AIIS FM's Will and Woody shared the horrible meeting of J. Lo.

They all had unbelievably unpleasant times with the wireless celebrities Will and Woody." Since 2012 the couple has been working together on the air and at the beginning of this year they recorded their concert with the KIIS FM[16-18 Uhr] show. Woody: This was J. Lo's first visit to Australia and unfortunately for the channel we were working for back then, all the other shows were in the poll pause and so the best substitute was the guys who hosted the summer breakfast show, us.

We had been playing for less than six month at that point and this was supposed to be the first Australia based interviews with Jennifer Lopez. Want: What's just a horrible piece of music. Woody: Here, too, we did not really grasp the concept at the onset. Want: Woody: She had just arrived and had a news briefing and then our pre-event interviews.

WIL: I think it was their executive and we could listen to J. Lo say, "How long have I had these boys? "We were like, saint S**t! Woody: Right away we think she doesn't appreciate the Christmas costumes, so we were like, "s**t p**t p**t p**t p**t p**t, let's change".

As we listen to her crack the S**ts, Will and I begin to take off our Christmas costumes to try to wear leisure wears. Will, she's so scare. Woody: It' difficult to recall everything that went on, but I think the actual conversation would have been awful. It was awful.

Woody: WIL: Yes, I think she realized very quickly how much we are. Woody: Want: That was at a point when we had actually been fired from the studio we were working on, but we hadn't given up our broadcasting work, so we kept our passports[in the building] and we always sneaked in to use the studio to make a broadcast.

Woody: Want: Woody: WIL: But it turned out that it was actually Flo Rida's ride for a concert he did on the roof [at the wireless station]. Can' even start telling you how much they (the broadcaster) got for it. She now works for KIIS FM and seems to be marginalized. She was dismissed because of the total s**storm Flo Rida triggered.

Woody: Want: Woody: when we' re in suits. Bought me a big old man jumpsuit and a kid super man for Will. Want: When we' re about 10 meters from the recording room where we do the interviews, we put on the suits and this was the first tim I put on the Superman outfit.

Well, we didn't even begin the interviews. Want: So we had to blow up the interviews with our former chief, who had saved us enough Hollywood A-listings. And he said, "Why have you been talkin' about your dick all this fuckin' time, Will?

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