Taxi Plan


This city has an exciting plan for a new type of taxi to get hail of streets in Brooklyn, the... Fords are planning to bring self-propelled cars onto the market, which will be used as taxi services in five years' time.

Example of a Taxi Business Plan - Business Summary

Downtown Taxi was established in 1997 in San Francisco, California, by Mr. Johnson Taylor. is a California C corporation called Patriot, Inc. d.b.a. City Taxi. City Taxi's policy is to fill the city taxi advertising franchise, which the firm presents as a premium taxi advertising product. It will use the latest automotive technologies to penetrate the automotive industry and become the dominant player in the consumer electronics industry.

The City Taxi will be the dominant taxi in the future because no other taxi operator has this function. Our corporate policy is to enhance our brand image and increase our footprint in our targeted markets by making our businesses a practical option to our current taxi offerings. It is City Taxi's intention to win the trust of its clients and become established as a premier client serving enterprise using state-of-the-art technologies to deliver prompt and dependable delivery.

However, as can be seen in the graph and spreadsheet below, the firm has developed well in its first year, but turnover has not been fully updated. This is the intention of this plan: to grow turnover by exploiting our comparative advantage and by acquiring a competing taxi operator. LivePlan is the simplest way to generate automated financial reports for your own financial plan.

It recognises that it is exposed to both commercial and technology exposures. The City Taxi is conscious that this is an extreme tricky area. In order to minimize this exposure, City Taxi has formed an agreement with the San Francisco, Transportation, Inc. area's premier taxi group. Allianz will enable City Taxi to drive under its colour schemes.

A further way to minimise this exposure is to take over an established taxi business, Mighty Cab. The City Taxi has to take out an adequate policy of coverage to ensure all operational issues are covered, but will be confronted with high prices. In order to reduce this exposure, City Taxi is planning to use its relationships with Transportation, Inc. to operate under its insurers, First Insurances of San Francisco and Columbia Insurances.

As an alternative, the firm is planning to buy lower tariffs insurances from Newark Insurances and Amalgamated Insurances. Taxi City recognizes that it is hard to find a place with the necessary capacity for all your taxi needs. The City Taxi has found a place with plenty of room for all your surgeries. The City Taxi range of goods and solutions offers the following benefits to customers:

The City Taxi range of taxi rental solutions and solutions offers drivers and customers the comfort of a credit/debit cards system that allows immediate authorisation. The City Taxi Call Centre allows us to offer a prompt response by collecting the nearest car when a call comes in.

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