Alaska Airlines Change Flight

The Alaska Airlines change flight

Here's the merit chart for flights to Alaska. What can be done to prevent passengers from being charged exchange charges? Everyone was there: having to change a flight and pay a charge almost as high as the initial fare. However, for airlines such as American, United and Delta, change charges may be $200, and changes to flights may incur a charge of up to $450. Many of us have come to terms with having to pay the change of route charge no matter how far away the journey is, but you shouldn't have to.

to find eight devious ways to avoid these punishments. It is not known to everyone that their non-refundable tickets are actually equipped with a 24-hour change or refund time. Indeed, the U.S. Department of Transportation has a policy that, as long as you have reserved your tickets seven business days prior to your flight, you can change or revoke your tickets within 24 workinghrs of your reservation without incurring a change or refund charge.

When you are only trying to change your flight schedule, review the charges for same-day changes and allow the change to take place before the date of your flight. If, for example, you wanted to make an evenings flight but collapsed and got a cheap mornings flight, you can still make the change, as some airlines like JetBlue, United and American only require $50 to $75 for same-day changes.

While there is even the smallest possibility that your date or period of trip will change, you should consider purchasing a qualifying return fare. Of course, they're more valuable than non-refundable seats, but as long as you verify the change charge and see if the fare differential on the reimbursable seat is less than that, you're in the right place.

Also, if these are too expensive, look at the "flexible fares" that most airlines are offering as an add-on and have certain charges and supplements levied. A number of your insurances cover the flight change charges - see the small letters and make sure you have one. The Washington Post says it can sometimes be less expensive not to cancel an airfare and just not show up for it than to cancel it and change the bill, especially if you only need to change one stage of the journey, or if you have used mileage or some kind of balance to even buy the airfare.

However, they become part of the reasons why today's flight is overbooked, as around 15% of passenger numbers are considered no-shows. Although flight detail changes can be as small as on another plane, you will not even be alerted. Therefore, keep as long as possible to cover this charge as the carrier may announce a change of date, an additional stopover, a late arrival, cancelation or weather-related incident that will result in a reimbursement.

Even if you purchased two lower priced one-way fares, say for $100 to $150, instead of an costly roundtrip, you could simply be a no-show (see #5) and buy a new fare, and still spend less than the exchange charge. This means that if you need to change two one-way fares and change both, you will have to make two exchange payments.

As a general principle, if the overall costs of a journey are more than twice the exchange rate, reserve a return journey tickets. South West is the only indigenous carrier that does not levy a change levy. Also Alaska Airlines does not impose any change or cancelation fees as long as you make these changes within 60 business days of your flight.

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