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Private Exclusive Jets

Charter flights for private jets | Private aircraft | Luxury travel Private jets allow you to get where you want to go faster and easier. Privatjets are available in many different aircraft models and with different on-board service and functions. Select from our wide assortment of very lightweight jets, heavier jets and executives. YOU' PLANING A PRIVATE PLANE CHARTERS?

No matter what the purpose of the trip, our charter manager can schedule and administer your charter needs and select the right aircraft for your needs. Small jets can be perfect for single or small group trips. Suitable for short-haul trips, they offer the comfort of private travelling without a cabin attendant.

You can take lightweight jets to more distant places with short take-off and landing strips and offers an alternate to turboprops. Intermediate-size jets can give you the necessary versatility for large groups, special services or medium-haul flights. The jets feature extra on-board facilities such as a bathroom, berths and can host a cabin crew if needed.

If you are a large group or want to continue your journey, a heavier aircraft may be the right one. The jets offer lots of room and a wide range of conveniences on deck, from roomy standing staterooms to full bathroom and baggage area. Jets are widely used by multinational companies, sporting crews, multinational tour operators and deluxe tour operators to serve domestic and foreign markets.

With our charting manager you can find the right solutions for your travelling needs, schedule your route and administer your trip so you don't need it. Round-the-clock individual services for the length of your cruise, so you can lean back, unwind and fully appreciate the trip.

The Inflite is New Zealand's biggest privately held aviation solutions company:

The Kentucky Derby Exclusive private jet tours

Private flights to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby are as popular as dressing up in an extravagant Churchill Downs hat on racing days or ordering a miniature Juleps in the stands. Up to 800 private planes will be flown from Louisville International Airport in the 6th Run for the Roses, which will take place on Saturday 5 May, and the Kentucky Oaks, a three-year-old thoroughbred mare competition held the eve of the derby.

Victor reported a 21 per cent YoY growth in Derby week-end charters this year, and member-based private airline Wheels Up reported a 35 per cent YoY growth in reservations. Due to the growing popularity of private air travel to the show, some businesses are providing their customers and members with Kentucky Derby specific Derby package deals.

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