Falcon Private Jet

The Falcon private jet

The Falcon 7X - The quickest sold Falcon ever! The Falcon Seven was designed from the ground up to be a groundbreaking airplane that would introduce commercial air travel to the industry's first digital flight control system. As with so many other airplane features, DFCS relied on Dassault's 30 years of Dassault combat expertise, in particular the Rafale and Mirage 2000 programmes. It would be the first commercial jet to use combat jet engine with a stylish, whisper-quiet command and control cab.

Nobody had ever made such an innovative jet. Today more than 270 Falcon 7X aircrafts are in use in 41 states. Our fleets have completed around 550,000 flying hours and are characterized by a high degree of planning security. The Falcon 7X is a sophisticated and reliable aeroplane deck and still the most progressive - still the scale for 21 st generation jets.

The Falcon 7X is elegant, efficient and powerful from tip to tip, from tip to aft. Below are the specification definitions for the world's most technically advancing commercial jet. No matter whether you are doing deals or strengthening relations, there is no way to meet someone in private. Falcon's outstanding non-stop reach and unparalleled landing capability at small aerodromes bring you nearer to your goal.

Falcon 7X is the most technically sophisticated commercial jet in use today. It' the new breed of corporate jets. The Falcon 7X's unparalleled versatility makes it easy to accomplish multiple tasks. Falcon 7X is rated for a speed of 5,950 nm (11,019 km) and connects couples of cities such as Paris-Tokyo, Shanghai-Seattle, New York-Jeddah and Johannesburg-London with a capacity of eight passenger and threecrews.

At a maximum operating speed of 90 Mach (MMO), the Falcon 8X can also travel short journeys to get you where you need to be quicker. It is the only plane in its category that can get to New York from London City Airport. Falcon's Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) improve security margin and provide unique situation recognition.

Falcon's EASy II Falcon approach decks - based on the Dassault Jet Foighter Man-to-Machine Interface - redefine the design of the Dassault Jet Dassault and set new benchmarks for ease of operation and position recognition. Falcon's Digital Control System fundamentally enhances the interaction of airline passengers with the airplane. Like in a combat airplane, the driver just pushes the flash drive in the right way and the computer makes sure that the airplane responds exactly to these commands.

All in all, the overall results are easier work, more accurate aeroplane controls and enhanced security. Falcon 7X is a high, broad and well proportionsed executive suite with three roomy lounging areas. Designed to meet the highest demands for convenience, performance and styling, it includes an environmentally friendly system with a cab height of just 4,800 at 45,000 and a sophisticated "soothing acoustics".

The Falcon Tri-Jets offer lower, safe approaches and landings. Progressive blade and body design as well as state-of-the-art lamellas and Fowler double-slot dampers offer significant advantages throughout the entire operation. The Falcon 7X is powered by three highly efficient, dependable 6,400 pound Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307A turbochargers. Our proprietary Digital Light Control System (DFCS) provides the pilot with optimum output when quick intuitive responses are required and absorbs airflow to help you drive more smoothly.

2nd Edition EASy II provides a variety of new functionality and characteristics to further enhance security and situation awareness while taking full benefit of next generations technology within the ATM system. First in the sector, the 6X fly-by-wire jet and Digital Flight Control System provide significant advantages.

Travelers appreciate the silky smoothness of the journey and the contributions such progressive technologies make to airplane security. High, broad and generous, this high-ceilinged Executive Suites includes three roomy lounges, 28 large window areas and acoustic tech that reduces sound for a more relaxing, prolific travelling environment. Away from the tranquil silence, lush ambient lighting and stunning vistas, the 7X cab provides a groundbreaking environment system.

Located at an elevation of 41,000 feet, it offers the passenger a comfort level of 3,950 feet, a level that increases their well-being during a long journey - and their preparedness for the long, demanding days ahead. Offering a full range of entertaining and connection utilities in a highly easy-to-use package, our sophisticated cab control system is designed to provide you with the most comprehensive cab control system available.

Working, relaxing, managing cab functions, tracking and communicating your flights' progression with your own mobile equipment from anywhere in the cab. The FalconCabin HD+ also contains Skybox, the multimedia serving system with extensive audio and visual capabilities in Appleunes. The Falcon 7X's spacious passenger compartment is divided into three lounge areas for 12 to 16 people, allowing you to customise your cab to suit your needs.

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