How much to Hire a Helicopter for a Wedding

What does it cost to rent a helicopter for a wedding?

What is the rent for a helicopter from Bangalore to Mangalore? Yeah, we've done these things, and nothing's too far-fetched. Much less than you might think! Stylish alternative to limousine rental.

How much does it cost to hire a helicopter for a wedding?

Air - Atventus Air - Helicopters for hire in India - Helicopters for hire throughout India. As one of India's best regional airlines, it offers access to all parts of India through private helicopters. Wedding helicopters from all parts of India and also helicopter rentals for 1 hour. and this mirrors our love for outstanding client services and high operating standard.

Offers check-in and check-out anywhere in India. Watch Atventus Air on FB, Twitter, Instagram ( /atventusair).

Rental of wedding helicopters

Rent one of our choppers for your wedding. Booking a helicopter for your big appearance and make an unforgettable experience for the years to come. There is a large selection of machinery available, from the Robinson R44 for 2 persons to the Robinson Bell 407 for 5 persons.

The helicopter can be booked for your specific date and will be delivered with a full days options with a 3 hour workload. Importantly, the helicopter needs at least 60 x 60 metres to be able to land at least 30 metres on a flat and firm ground free of phone or electricity cables.

The daily helicopter fares are between R25 500 - R59 100 + tax, dependent on the number of passenger, the helicopter model and the town of your planned start. There is a 3 hour daily flight delay requirement, even if it is only a drop-off. In case the flight duration is more than 3 hrs, we calculate the per hour fee.

Deadline for wedding helicopter bookings: Official landing includes a handling charge of R1800 / location / per diem + VAT & the customer is liable for getting a paper permit from the owner and municipality, we get the permit for civilian air travel if we have the permit letter for the owner and municipality. Limitations on the weights of passengers and baggage exist and the weights have a major impact on the cost and height of the helicopter to be used.

The helicopter's cruising distance is +/- 400 km, dependent on the payload. Prices depend on helicopter flight conditions and helicopter flight time.

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