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Select an area in which we would like to show you the Customer Care locations in your area. The charter customer service told me to be "just happy that he's here now". The first call for technical support since Spectrum's acquisition of Brighthouse.

#1,040 reviews and complaints about Spectrum

The Spectrum went around September 2018 to a purely encoded binary coded audio stream that required a speaker that you can hire, or you can buy a streamed Roku and use the Spectrum app. Trouble is that the Spectrum app is completely SRAP (error occurs in 60% of cases, if the level is high, the level is bad / blurred in 80% of cases).

Our encryption solution for the signals is to stop the line robbery, but statistical data will show that this is small in comparison to the number of unsatisfied clients who pay for the service, which is now faulty and willing to quit. Can' record much more of this Spectrum app.

I DO NOT RECCOMMEND i do not reccommend spectrum service, i am dissatisfied with the application and spectrum manager must get a lead and fix this application today or take out the scraple and allow our TV to vote the digitals! NONE of the other streamers has this problem, so it is not my cyberspace.

Well, the prize went up 40%, which is silly. At the same rate, the invoice was booked on-line to be $69.99. 99, at the same rate. Complaint submitted to Florida TBB, but passed to MO TBB, MO TBB 100% are on the Spectrum page and had no help for Tampa customers.

Submitted complaint to the MO Attorney General on the basis of the MO BBB manual, and MO Attorney General's Bureau did nothing and forwarded us Spectrum's reply to BBB. Spectrum is MO store and MO will definitely be protecting Spectrum, but not Floridians. The Spectrum has only received the licence to sell services in our area and can misuse customers in any way possible.

Spectrum in our area and let other rivals come into our area. Other than here, where can you shield Floridan from the Spectrum scrap metal store?????? Spectrum should be stopped to make our living by robbing, deceiving and abusing Floridians. And it was 1:00 in the morning and my lnternet was down. Talked to customer service via the mobile chats on my mobile.

He asked why they didn't at least let the clients know that they would be expecting this failure, and he said that they couldn't do that. You must choose a point in your company when the smallest number of clients is affected. When I asked about the allowance for my missed hours, he said they would have to charge the amount of money I was without service and give it to my bankroll.

and he said there isn't one. I was off duty from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. No forewarning. Remember the fault codes, if you call someone who doesn't tell anyone anything, restart your junction boxes, find it doesn't work, let someone come in the house (we had three calls - we are living in a big city in Orange County, CA), then it works for a little while, then the faults begin again, while the sound is cropped by on demand channel.....

Request what proportion of the entire wire bill is "on demand" and then strictly request that it be deducted from the bill for each monthly period if "on demand" does not work. {\pos (192,210)}How do I know I can rely on these ratings on Spectrum? At the end of December, I phoned Spectrum because my Time Warner bankroll went over $200.00.

You rated me $192. 58 for the same employment, which enclosed individual show depression. and they said I didn't have any picture canals. You wouldn't back what the seller said to me either. After that I recieved supplement that says their chest charges are going up so I named and they said my prize of $192. 58 was still good.

I then had trouble with all my house not showing DVR routines and after several calls to reset it, they sent out a mechanic. And he said, "If I set pedal to your house, you will loose the entire DVR of the house. And I said, "There's no way I'm losing my entire home recorder.

00, they said it is because the 2018 chest prize is $6. 99 and I paid 2017 prize of $5. 99, which took off in January and I should have paid it all the time. And I said, "So you'd give me a $192 prize. 58 advertising prize in December to get me to change and then increase it in January.

" Said the cartons weren't part of the promotion prize. And I said, "What kind of deal does that do? "Obviously a horrible deal that says one thing and does the other. I' m gonna look for a better place to do deals now. The spectrum is HORRIBLE!!!! So, if you use the net at nights.

There are no other service companies offering around 34744 unless they are satellites and you need to be prosperous to be able to afford them. SPECTROUM promoted parcels that are not available to all clients on its website. Your account managers do not know which parcels are available to them. Besides, they hang up twice when I phoned, and the superiors are also impolite and unhelpful.

I was asked to launch a new service and my schedule was fixed for 12 o'clock. Charters customer service said I should "just be lucky he's here now". And for the installation charge that was reversed and the bill split in two, it was all a lie when I got the bill and phoned the customer service who explained to me that they were not doing that.

No refunds for not getting what you pay for in terms of web speeds. Ten minutes later I receive e-mails that confirm the purchase and my banking details showed 3 fees for $98.94 from Spectrum. Well, I phoned and was briefed for 3-5 workdays. On Wednesday 9/5 Spectrum is calling my man to tell him that everything is done and to give him 24 hour time to clear my accounts.

Well, I phoned back and explained the situtation. Â The representative explains to me the reason why I only got ONE charge reimbursed was because my bench was telling them the only charge that went through was even though I had THREE loads charged and discharged from the accounts. Obviously they acknowledged that there were THREE loads, but cannot free capital until spectrum repayments and refuse what the representative of Spectrum had quoted (I already knew that).

A representative said he had opened another ticketing to have someone check the fees and give them back 3-5 workdays. 9/11 Tuesday- I checked my Spectrum bankroll and see the $298 fee paid, a $98.94 reimbursement on my credit and a $198 "AR Transfer". Representative states she sees everything in the transactions logs, even the last call, but "escalated" it and to give her 3-5 workdays.

It " notes " my actual open tickets and asks me to give them 5-7 working day to solve the problem. And I work really hard for my own cash and I get my bill on the dot. Had Price Warner/Spectrum had a number of years, the bill is high, but stayed the same until the last testimony that the rebate was prolonged by 12 extra month, the raise has already occurred anyway and three long phone hits to Spectrum have taken me nowhere, they are training to distract customer attention by placing the customer on a gruelling "spin cycle", embarrassing practices and will look elsewhere for service.....

I have never in my lifetime let my web sink more with a single ISP, I'm to get 100 up and down. The only thing you'll get is a lack of speed, halfway respectable customer service, and a permanent drop in service from nowhere. Initial order of a bundles, initial order with Spectrum.

Talking about how much Spectrum would cost me for telephone, TV and web, they gave me a reasonable quote. I' ve planned a service visit at my new location to set up cables in 2 rooms. Well, the price's going up. "I didn't know that wire packets came differently!

How come Spectrum didn't say anything? OK, I say, and while you're on the telephone, it's been seven and a half years and my home number hasn't been portrayed yet. Okay, only then something changes and nobody can call me at the temporary number given to me. Never mind, I won't even take the trouble to call Spectrum again.

Every toggle on, I have to battle it and sometimes make 10 or more tries to get past the Bluescreen and NO SIGNAL boxes. I' m looking for the service number in the ledger, call, and it's a poor number. Really, how much more could Spectrum do to get me back to DirecTV? What is it?

The wire won't work this evening! Spectrum named, was explained by their inexpensive computerized system that there were no issues for my area, so I was waiting for 1. 5 hrs influence to speak to a CS representative. Narrated by the Representative Cables was out in my area and that they were working on it.

Your politics will suck that your service must be down for more than 4 hrs or they won't bill your bill pro rata. but Spectrum is the box. The Spectrum also makes a rhyme for a part of the behind..... The first call for technical assistance since Spectrum's acquisition of Brighthouse.

And when you call her number, a record says there are no failures in your area. 00/month, would you be expecting a better service or at least someone who can respond, considering that their website says: "You can call us any time. "How do you run a company like this?

The service switches on and off. After the 1-year test run, however, costs will rise significantly. Customer service is dead and the website is dead, so there is no one to help me now. Lower the cables again. Spektrum INPUTS.

Call and receive nothing but an automatic reply. All the other businesses out there, please, come to CFC. I' ve had Spectrum since 07/18/08. When I call, I'm informed that I must have a ROKU TV or Samsung. My order is to have the package sent to me and it does not contain any splinter despite the FACT I have on the web.

You tell me I have to go to the next Spectrum Stores to get it. Approximately 70% of the cases the application works. That'?s the lowest service I ever had. You didn't even show up for my friend's meeting. Well, I suppose I'll save some cash and get Spectrum off my back.

I' ve been a faithful customer for 14 years. Now Spectrum has taken over the management. "A woman even said to me to study since 5 tracks were Spanisch! I get a different installment every goddamn fucking second I call her. There is $70 on the web, but if I were a new customer, I would get everything for $70 a months for most 12.

I' m a regular, though. Consumers cheating and a franchise. So, the whole point of doing business here is ludicrous. SPECTRUM BAD! The service also often goes wrong. But Wish Brighthouse never teamed up with Charter Spectrum. Several persons turning back the service, we were waiting an hours. Most of the customer service has become unpleasant and the lying is lying.

I' m relocating next week-end and phoned to get my service in 8 workingdays yesterday. Mir was said to move my gear that particular date, the engineer would come out and put it up, and if I activate it at the new location, my service would break off at the old location.

Call Spectrum. However, the engineer still tried a few things and could not re-activate my service. Said he'd put me on standby for "just a minute." I had been on the telephone for an hours and 23 min (I have a screenshots to proof it) and didn't solve anything.

So I called back and cancelled the service for good. I have an infinite range of speeds between non-existent and full but never the 100Mbps that they naturally pledge. If you call customer service, it's always half an hour's waiting and they never repair anything, just put the guilt on a modems that needs to be rebooted.

I have been a customer for two months (if that's true, because they don't offer customer service). I' m out of my computer every 10 mins. I' ve been calling three different time this week and every single call I make I just need to spend at least 20 moments talking to someone. They then eventually made an appointment for someone to come out and fix my web -- the one never showed up -- never phoned until after the date was over.

I' ve had enough of them - don't use Spectrum. Your chief executive should be embarrassed for himself -- beautiful, shiny images on the Charter Communications website, but his service is bad and smells. Ordered the service that was planned between 11.10. and 11.10. when the 11th came and went.... I' m informed that my tickets are still open.

On the other hand, I was just happy I didn't get it after seeing how I was handled before I even became a customer! You' re gonna have to seriously re-educate some folks or you won't get any more clients! Ever since Spectrum took over Bright House, the web has been terrible and the TV just terrible.

44 mins on the line just to find out there's an incident in my area. Nearly $200 a monthly, I am expecting MUCH better customer service than this. Given all the stream techniques of today's television, you would think that Spectrum would appreciate its clients more than ever.

Spectrum will send someone 9 hrs after making an appointement. I' d been calling twice all morning, and they couldn't be straight and said: "The bad dude got your work order and he's not working today. My order for my service was placed on-line. They somehow chose the incorrect packet, so they only connected one TV and had no chance to do anything else.

Call customer service. Humans take their wired service with them to ELSEWHERE. Our Kabelgesellschaft takes good care off individuals or their needs! As they moved to Spectrum, the service to Bright House was better. No improvement, but the month was up. You couldn't take less notice of me being with them for years, even the bra years.

A further fact, after talking to one of her technicians who had been with BH for years, he said to me that they were trying to expel their older staff by force them into the sales force or submitting their resignations. I switched from Dish to Spectrum Kabel in August 2017, I was already using Spectrum for my web-connection.

My 36-month plan was guaranteed, although the promotional offer demanded that I use a telephone service for which I had no use whatsoever. Rates were also good with the undesirable telephone service. And so I phoned customer service. At the end of the day, the agent who was selling me the service must have just been lying to me.

Recently I changed my home telephone, my telephone and my cables to Spectrum and was informed that they offer a cellular service. More than an hours I was on the telephone to set up the service and order new telephones, which I was said would be arriving in 2 workdays. To find out that the order was accidentally cancelled.

Took 11 transfer sessions to find a contact who could give me this information and 2 hour telephone work. I was also informed that the loan review was only "internal" and would not be a request for my loan information. Then I got a note saying that they had conducted a tough investigation into my loan, and my 819 out of 900 rating was inadequate to get qualified for telephones.

They never approved the tough investigation and could not tell me what creditworthiness was adequate to qualifying for wireless. So I can get a $500,000 hypothec and a $80,000 auto bill, but my line of credit isn't enough for a cell-phone??? It' not possible to get replies from customer service.

I' m so pleased with the extremely outstanding service he has provided me. This was the most courteous and effective individual I have ever let into my house for a service date. Spectrum TY.

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