Private Hire Taxi Insurance

Taxi-insurance for private rental

Check out the best deals on taxi insurance from different providers, with coverage for private and public rentals, black taxis, Hackney cars, fleets, MPVs and minibuses. Two basic types of taxi insurance exist: public taxi insurance and private taxi insurance. We offer extended insurance coverage for public and private rental taxis as well as chauffeur insurance. There are three main types of insurance when it comes to the private rental of taxi insurance.

safety issues

Our panels include insurance companies that can provide private and/or official (Hackney Carrys/Black Taxi) rental cars, Max Planck Vans and mini -buses with optional chauffeur service, marriage coach service and commercial transportation for students. You will see Options for policies only quotes, designated coverage or designated insurance which means that there are decisions whether you are looking for custom coverage or insurance for a taxi fleet. What is more, you will be able to find insurance policies that will help you to find the right vehicle for your needs.

Easy-to-use easy-to-use questionnaires begin with the question of whether you are an individual or a business, and provide some essential information and contacts. When you have the license plate and your driver's license at your fingertips, the quest is accelerated and you are asked to assess the value of your taxi and give an idea of when you bought it.

Enter all your yearly private and commercial miles, then you will be asked who is the taxi operator and who is the holder of the taxi and where it is kept over night. Remember that taxi insurers are usually local and can either enclose or exempt certain towns and/or areas - therefore we cannot currently provide an option for Northern Ireland, although we look forward to correcting this in the near term.

Use our form to ask if your taxi is equipped with CCTV, indoor camera, outdoor camera and/or Thatcham 1 or Thatcham 2 safety equipment. All of these things can lead to policy cuts, although your insurance company may need more information. You will be asked about the driver's job, driver's license detail, the duration of his taxi bath and whether he has successfully completed a D.V.A.S.A. driver's test - some municipalities demand this before you can take a taxi or hire a private car.

Drivers are required to declare all diseases requiring registration with the German Drugs Association (DVLA), crimes and any claim or conviction during the last five years. Decide whether you want full fire and burglary insurance for third parties or only for third parties, and then set the desired amount of your optional deductible.

Eventually you will be asked if you have a no-claims discount, if it is a private rental, government rental, company or private vehicle rebate and if you want to safeguard your rebate. You will then be redirected to our taxi insurance comparator page, where you will see the name of the insurance operator, the premiums (annual and monthly) and the deductibles (voluntary and mandatory).

A simple to use chart also clearly shows whether a particular insurance plan contains counsel, windshield, third party insurance and/or puncture protection. There will be a help text throughout the trip that will lead you through the choices, but if you think you need a more thorough research, try our taxi insurance guidelines. You will find further information on topics such as coverage ratios, contract type and add-ons, safety, changes, no-claims discounts and individual use of taxi cabs.

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