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Gelbe Kabine price estimate

The Yellow Cab and Foursquare data show how it is possible to estimate customer needs within an area and thus prices with high accuracy. A yellow taxi, seen from

Price comparison for New Year's Eve travel option

New Year''s Eve on a Saturday evening, many freelancers on Monday and good day conditions, the taxi riders expect a long and prolific evening around the Kansas City hotspots. "Electricity & light, everywhere," said Yellow Cab rider Abraham Tesfatsion. A way to find the best offer for a New Year's journey is to visit the Ride Guru website.

In order to use the website, enter your starting point and your arrival point and be able to check your rates. The 41 Action News Investigators, for example, have borrowed a trip from Overland Park to the Power & Light District. Assuming reasonable levels of interest, possibly at the beginning of the night, the estimate price for a Uber River trip of up to four passengers is $15.81.

A Uber XL journey with up to six seats costs $24.48. Taxi ride's $35.41. However, when the market for amusement park attractions rises, which is almost certainly the case on New Year's Eve, the over-price changes. With a price increase of two and a half fold the normal rate, the same journey from Overland Park to Power & Light rises to $36.68 for Uber XL, $58.35 for Uber XL versus $35.41 for a taxi.

This is why the taxi riders surveyed by the 41 Action News investigators believe they will be very occupied. "Due to the over-price increase and the cabs is the regular price," said the yellow taxi operator Dereje Erena. Lyft riders can only collect from Kansas due to a dispute with KCMO guides.

Yellow Cab, for example, now has an application named zTrip to apply for a trip. Registration of a Uber or Lyft payment cards or payment in advance. Nancy Cipolla, Yellow Cab spokesperson, said she should be patience on New Year's Eve when you' wait for a trip due to strong consumerism.

Speaker Molly Spaeth said if you don't buy a trip from any of the services to have a particular rider. And Lyft also offers $5 on each of the first 10 Lyft trips for new subscribers with the keyword " LYFTNEWYEAR17" "New Year's Eve is always very busy, and our top priorities are for riders and travelers to keep an eye on security when on the road," Lyft spokesperson Mary Caroline Pruitt said.

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