Alaska Airlines Flight Partners

An Alaska Airlines Flight Partner

However, Alaska includes several partners with several airlines, such as Flying Blue, the frequent flyer programme of Air France and KLM. Korea Airlines may terminate partnership with Alaska Airlines Over the past year Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan partners were in a state of change with the carrier to add new partners and lose topical Mileage Plan partners. In the course of last year, Alaska Airlines not only joined forces with Virgin America, but also ended important partnerships. Most of the Western Seaboard departures were too much for the administration, and Alaska gave up many code shares with American Airlines.

Over the last 18 month, Alaska has gained new partners globally. FinnAir, Singapore Airlines, Condor and Japan Airlines have been new partners since mid-2016. As Alaska Airlines has grown, several alliances have ended. Schedule contains Delta, which has been assaulting Alaska in Seattle for years, and each of the partners Delta and Alaska have.

American Airlines and Alaska Airlines have even removed the opportunities to earn money on non code-shared home travel and ended élite advantages. Due to the redesign of the Meilenplan and more difficult to find due to partnerships that allow to earn but not redeem frequent flyer mile ( Singapore Airlines and FinnAir). The Alaska Airlines and Korea Air are likely to close.

Alaska Airlines has chosen it for the little fellow and is doing everything in their powers to crush Alaska Airlines in their hometown of Seattle. In recent years, Delta Seattle has developed into a major international airport with 175 top-tier flights a day to 54 major destinations. An Alaska struggles back through a huge expand in Seattle and the acquisition of Virgin America.

But despite Alaska's struggle, Delta has a great deal of control over some of Alaska Airlines' partners. Delta's influence on JVs, part-ownership and seat on the bodies of the overseas carrier is obvious. France-KLM ends its code share and cooperation with Alaska Airlines. The announcement was made only a few working days after the announcement of new Air France Seattle services.

As both Delta and Alaska have a Seattle turnstile, Air France does not need Alaska. And not to speak of a 10% Delta property that also moved the pin. Areomexico and Delta have a jointventure and Delta now holds 49% of Aeromexico. Aeromexico's and Alaska' partnerships ended a few month after the JV was approved.

Should the story be repeated, Delta will soon compel Korea Airlines to end its relationship with Alaska Airlines. In November 2017, the Korea Air - Delta JV was cleared and is to be completed by June 2018. It restricts the exclusivity of Koreans or Delta as a partner.

This means that Delta cannot compel Koreans to restrict their relationship with Hawaiian. It does not mean, however, that Delta cannot restrict some partners. I suspect Alaska will get the boat. No one will be surprised if Korea Air leaves Alaska like all other Skyteam partners. Over the years, Alaska has developed its worldwide relationships with other airlines in Asia.

Well-established partners de Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Hainan et Singapore Airlines. Perhaps we are even fortunate and see that another airline is one of Alaska's partners globally. It wouldn't bother me if Eva Air replaced Korea Air's relationship with Alaska! Does the Koreans intend to submit to Delta's demands and say goodbye to Alaska Airlines?

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