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Find the best offers for your vacation flights

OK, this doesn't necessarily apply to all offers for all public holiday - but if you haven't made any Thanksgiving arrangements yet, get going. However, first we try to make all vacation trips at least a little bit less expensive, and always begin with an airfare comparison so you can be sure which carrier has the best offer.

Holidays are simple because the rates are low in October and can be made even lower. Plus, October 31 will fall on a Monday this year, so organizing a favorable travel route is relatively simple. Keep in mind that the least expensive flight dates are usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, and the avoidable dates are Friday and Sunday.

Now, let's put together costly dates and inexpensive travel routes. Let's now look at the routes for Friday, October 28 to Sunday, October 30 vs. Saturday, October 29 to Tuesday, November 1 (prices found at the end of last weeks and subject to change). Take a flight on the better terms and benefit from considerable cost-cutting. Thanksgiving is also a good time to get away with flying less costly flights.

As a rule, the vacation itself (24 November) is the best flight time. The avoidance of Wednesday and Sunday flight around the holidays is another way to reduce your cost. When you have no familial responsibilities, go to Europe; it's inexpensive and could actually help you safe cash if you go there. The two return fares found at the end of last weeks for the November 23-27 journey are the most costly dates to spend on Thanksgiving domestically.

Thanksgiving is a good holiday season if you want to go to a place like Europe. Non-stop services are almost always better than connection services, with one important exception: Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare, is an inside man of the aviation sector and one of the most important aviation related publications.

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