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The Southern Air Charter is an airline and charter company operating in the Bahamas. Founded in the spirit of sharing, Southern Air Charter is the desire of management to maintain this atmosphere throughout the life of the company. Book Southern Air Charter, enjoy early attractive offers and best deals, you can also check Southern Air Charter's itineraries and reservation status. Look what it feels like to work at Southern Air Charter. Use Southern Air Charters' web check-in facility to quickly print your boarding pass from home or office and go straight to airport security.

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The Southern Air Charter is an air carrier and charter carrier active in the Bahamas. Most of them operate charter airlines, but the carrier offers some regular intra-island traffic between Bahamas destination. Beechcraft 1900C is the latest Southern Air Charter flag ship. As well as chartering, Southern Air Charter offers regular air service between Nassau, the Bahamas and the following destinations:

Nordeleuthera, Eleuthera, Bahamas. Governor's Harbor, Eleuthera, Bahamas. There are also charter flights to the following locations: Pretty long suit and the corporate emblem on the stern. Southern Air introduced a new paint scheme in 2013 with a golden pigeon at the rear on the 2 Beech 1900Cs.

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The Southern Air Charter was created in the spirits of division and it is the wish of management to preserve this environment throughout the entire corporate lifetime. It is the general environment of the commercial environment to get your portion and to forget the remainder, but our wish is to divide with the remainder.

Being a Bahamas charter company, we are dedicated to a high value, cost-effective charter that reflects an identity that all Bahamians can be proud of. South Air Charter is your Bahamas flight companion and your good will messenger.

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Hello folks, afternoon flying to SML from NAS on the date I wanted to go have no live flying. Prior to making a reservation, it is said that there is a stopover and you do not need to modify the route - information can be obtained from Southern Air Charter. What is the truth here, do we have to modify our schedules or just get other people off at LGI and we are staying until we do SML?

Does a change of scenery mean we have to pick up our baggage and board a new one?

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