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On this page you won't find any information on why you should write, search and compare airline reviews for hundreds of airlines worldwide. In order to compare airlines, select the airlines you wish to compare from the following table and click here to compare selected airlines (click to hide all non-selected airlines). Comparison of airlines[OC]: Data is beautiful. The unmarked seating is great for me. For example, there was a plane on which I got very delayed and ran to the gates like a crazy man when they proclaimed my name on the answering machine.

By the time I got on the plane, there were 2 left; centre places between some very overweight men or next to a newborn.

Luckily, I chose the infant who stayed asleep the whole time. But I felt really sick for the last bloke behind me....similarly I had planes with a particularly stinky person sitting next to me. Well, in that case, I'll just get up and switch places. The cabin crew joke and have always a good time and do not just pretend to be lucky.

They' re fast to connect you with food/drinks; 3-4 instances I was asked to take the 200-500 snack boxes when I asked if I could have a few more. More than once I was given free liquor after I was kind, picked up garbage that wasn't my own, or volunteered to help other people.

Planes are never late or canceled ( my old crew had one passenger on each airline; and every 2 to 3 weeks staff all had long delay and canceled planes). Above all, however, open sitting also has the advantage that the whole aircraft can be boarded and disembarked much more quickly. As a rule, air travel is inexpensive; and SW has recently expanded its international footprint.

Although the seating is not small, it is certainly not big. Regardless of how often you are flying, there are no first-class or more luxurious seating options.

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Since 1937, Air Canada has been Canada's premier airline. Serving over 38 million travelers a year, they are dedicated to linking Canadians to over 190 cities around the world. Ryanair, established in 1985 and based in Dublin, Ireland, serves over 550,000 airlines in 33 different markets each year. You have 31 years of impeccable security experience and transport more global travellers than any other airline.

Established in 1997, Qatar is one of the newest international carriers to operate on all six major skies. Your latest aircraft fleets connect over 150 targets on the chart. Headquartered in Mexico City, AeroMexico is the only airline in Mexico to provide WLAN onboard. The Indian airline and the largest Indian airline operator is Air India.

Boeing and Airbus aircraft for Asia, Europe and North America. It is a leading European airline in terms of passenger numbers and aircraft fleets, including its affiliates. Hawaiian Airlines was established in 1929 and is headquartered in Honolulu with 52 aircraft servicing the United States and several Asia -Pacific destinations.

It is the eighth biggest US airline and operates the HawaiianMiles award scheme. British-style Airways is the United Kingdom flags. The airline operates most Boeing 747s of all airlines, 42 of which are still in service, but has recently equipped its aircraft with Airbus A380s and Airbus 350s as well as Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Established in 1919, Avianca Airlines has 180 aircraft in its family. More than 5,600 daily departures per week take them to more than 100 destination in America and Europe. They' ve been recognised for their first-class services. Spain's biggest airline and flagship is Iberia. Iberia was established in 1927 and serves over 102 targets in 39 states.

The merger between Iberia and British Airways resulted in the creation of the third biggest airline in Europe. Kopa Airlines, established in 1947, is the flags of Panama. There are 72 flights to North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Singapore-flagged Singapore Airlines is the tenth biggest airline in the country in the number of passenger movements.

This airline relies on its women airline personnel, the so-called Singapore Girls. Santas is an Australian owned multinational airline established in the 1920'. The company owns Australia's biggest large-capacity aircraft and has set itself the goal of making investments in next-generation fuel-efficient aircraft over the next ten years. It is a low-fare airline headquartered in Singapore.

Its flights take it to favorite local cities in Southeast Asia, India and China. Free sight-seeing trips through the countryside are available for longer stayers. Aero Lingus is the second biggest airline in Ireland and serves European, North American and Turkish airports. The company is the French flagship and operates autonomously despite the 2004 amalgamation with the Netherlands airline CLM.

Economy Class seating features wing-mounted headrests and large touch screens that allow customers to select their own meal. KLM was established in 1919 and is the Dutch flagship and the oldest airline in the whole wide range, still bearing its name. Established in 1984, Aeroplan is based in Montreal, Quebec.

Canada's airline is a fidelity scheme that has more air fares than any other Canada scheme. Alitalia is the biggest Italian airline and offers more than 4,400 departures a week to 97 different airports. Known for their award-winning menu, they have been named "Best Airline Cuisine" by Global Traveler Magazine for six years in a row.

The Aeroflot is the biggest airline and the Russian Federation's flagship. One of the oldest carriers in the planet, with roots going back to 1923, it is implementing an unparalleled programme of modernising its fleets. The Cebu Pacific Airline is a low fares Filipino airline offering mainly home based services.

Cebu Pacific has cancelled aviation supplements for all national and some overseas departures since 2009. The Cathay Pacific is the Hong Kong flagship and has won the World's Best Airline Awards four-fold, more than any other airline. In 2010, the airline began equipping its cabin with more luxurious seating and bigger monitors.

Established in 2007, Virgin America is headquartered in California. It prides itself on its new aircraft, services and innovations that includes atmospheric staterooms, seating in leathers, electrical sockets and more. One of Europe' largest European carriers with 2,000 pilot and over 4,500 crews.

It has a portfolio of more than 200 Airbus jets flying to more than 30 different states. In terms of passenger shares and fleets, TAM Airlines is the biggest airline in Brazil. The airline's new Boeing 777's first-class staterooms offer roomy, stylishly furnished rooms with sofas, eating areas and chef-designed cuisine.

South African Airways was established in 1934 and is an airline serving 56 destination airlines. Korean Airlines became a large multinational airline after its privatization in 1969. Our 158 aircraft and above serve 129 towns and 46 nationalities. The Kenya Airways is the flagship of Kenya and one of the world' largest airlines south of the Sahara.

It is the 4th biggest airline in Africa and has one of the biggest seating capacity among them. Swiss International has been named "Europe's Leading Airline - Business Class" for five years in a row and operates 102 international flights from Zurich and Geneva. Virgin Atlantic was established in 1984 by Richard Branson and is known for the world's first commercially available aircraft to fly on biofuels and for its pioneering support services to customers.

Bangkok Air, Thailand's first private airline, began in 1968 as Sahakoi Air as a chartership. One of the world' s leading airlines, China Airlines is the flagship and biggest airline in Taiwan. The Premium Economy Class has 12 inch monitors and 39 inch leg room so that travelers do not enter the room of the passenger behind them.

Viennese Airline is known for its family-friendly service and advantages such as familiy check-in, prioritized Boarding, special meals for kids and infants as well as entertaining programmes and free icecream bags. Asiaairlines is one of the two most important South Korean carriers and operates 90 intercontinental airlifts. The new A380 Airbus will offer first class customers a privately owned cabin and economy class customers 18 inch width seating.

Established in 1951, Fiji Airway is Fiji's proud flagship, traveling to 15 towns and 10 nations around the globe. Currently, the airline is offering travellers the opportunity to purchase their new Airbus A330-200s. ExpressJet, a Atlanta-based local airline, is active under the names American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express.

Your squadron consists of over 300 aircraft and serves major international markets such as the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Greater Lakes Airlines is a U.S. based airline based in Cheyenne, Wyo. It serves 21 U.S. cities, 13 of which are country resorts for the U.S. government's Essential Air Service Programme.

Island Air is the airline of CuraƧao and operates to 22 Caribbean, North American and South American cities.

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