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Book your Air India ticket online at the cheapest airfare. Find out here about our great Air India flight booking offers & all the details about Air India.

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Air India, as the Indian flagship, is a government owned Indian corporation based in New Delhi. Created by the iconic business man and pioneer J. R. D. Tata, also known as the father of Indian civil aviation, Air India is the world's largest air travel airline. Tata Airlines was established in 1946 and was transformed into a joint-stock corporation.

Since then, Air India has come a long way with national and internationality. Currently, Air India is the third biggest airline in India. There is a combined Airbus and Boeing aircraft operated by Air India. For Air India the IATA codes are AI. More than 30 Air India locations all over the globe.

In addition, the carrier has already heralded an extension of its range of long distance flights to further major cities. Air India's highest number of air fares is flown to Paris, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Muscat, Riyadh, Damam, Kuwait, Doha, Sharjah, Dhaka, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul. India is a member of the Star alliance.

Furthermore, there are code share arrangements with more than 20 airlines worldwide, among them Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, South African Airways, Asiana Air, Austrian Airlines, Swiss Airlines and Egypt Air. There are different luggage limits for Air India for internal and external travel.

Airlines allow you to transport up to 8 kg of cabin and 15 kg of check-in bags for home use. First Class travelers may take 40 kg of hold bags, while Executive Class (or Business Class) travelers may take up to 35 kg of hold bags free of charge.

Luggage that exceeds these thresholds is subject to a charge. You can find more information about Air India luggage on the airline's website. Booking Air India Airfares One of the most comfortable ways to make an Air India flight reservation is to make an online booking. Simply fill in the online booking widget with your journey information, such as date and place, and you can quickly check your rates.

There may be different tariffs for different hours of the morning. In addition to the timetables, you will receive information about non-stop and non-stop services. Buying Air India airline ticket online, booking round-trip travel usually provides lower rates than one-way travel. Always keep a copy of your ticket with the PNR number clearly marked on it.

With this number you can verify your timetable online and already make a check-in before leaving for the international airports. At Air India we offer our customers the option of web check-in. Online check-in will open 48 hrs before your planned departing time and up to 2 hrs before your planned departing time.

The Web Check-in is available for all cities except Bahrain, Dhaka, Muscat, Melbourne, Milan, Rome and Sydney.

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