How much to Rent a Cessna 172

What does it cost to rent a Cessna 172?

A Cessna 172 for rent is a breeze to find. So, without further ado, here are the actual costs of owning an aircraft. Renting hangar area vs. laying down: 172 P-180HP (1), $131.00.

Renting flights are subject to a sales tax of 6%.

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Mad ideas - rent a Cessna 172 for one months: flights

Well, I am now a 117 h private pilot with about 98% of this period in Cessna 172s (the other 2% in a decathlon) and I have many planes I want to make in July. So far this year I have about 5 average monthly hrs, which is about $800 in rent.

I have already scheduled 12 flying lessons for July (although not obligatory). And as you can see, the rent would be unaffordable. Waaaaaaaay back when I made my first voyages of exploration, I was flying with a firm referred to me by a neighbour who happens to be a business associate in that firm.

Back then, the firm had seven of those late 70's long standing 172 seats, although today the firm comprises four of them plus a Cherokee, a 172SP and a 172RG. It is my hypothesis that the 172SP, the RG and the Cherokee are flying much more than the other airplanes at a reasonable cost, only from my own experiences and how often I listen to these rear numbers on the air.

My suggestion is therefore to provide a rental contract for one of the older 172s, whichever one is the least flyable, and to ensure that it lasts at least 10hrs. Well, my forecast spending for the months looks like this:

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